3rd Party loupes are not needed with Panasonic GH4…thank you !

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Why would you spend £250 on a Zacuto Z finder when you have a EVF fit for purpose on the new Panasonic GH4 ? The only reason I can demonstrate this is that I have a Zacuto EVF that I needed for my Panasonic AF101 and Sony NEX-FS100 and comes in useful for various high tripod shots  and JIB shots.


For £15 on EBAY you can buy yourself an eyecup that fits like a glove, in fact this was a Sony extra large eyecup I had in my drawer.


If you add an expensive loupe to the GH4 you loose the ability to perform tasks by touch screen which I find very useful. You need to get away from thinking Canon or Nikon with the Lumix GH4, this is a mirrorless camera with a fantastic crisp EVF with no problems focusing.

The need for a loupe senario has chased the DSLR for years with cameras that are photographic…first…who think they are also video cameras…second, coming from strong photographic pedigrees like Canon and Nikon.


The Panasonic GH4 has changed the rules…Everything about the GH4 is geared towards video including the EVF which is better than you get with a Canon C300, the YAGH with SDI, XLR and 4 pin power, VU metering and sound controls and thats just a handful of video features.

It makes my blood boil when people show you expensive items that are a waist of time and money…I repeat you do not need a 3rd party loupe on your GH4 so don’t waste your hard earned money buying one.

NOTE : If you already own a loupe like the Zacuto Z finder you have nothing to lose by trying it.


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  1. MEKKITEL says:

    Can I use the eyecup with my left eye?

    HDW : Easy you just turn it round.

  2. Alen Watts says:

    I like your style of being frank and up front about each product you review. This gives the end user a no nonsense approach to spending their hard earned cash on what they really need.

  3. Tim says:

    Hallelujah! Plus I understand the viewfinder can be used in B/W as well. Well done Panasonic!

  4. Richard Jett says:


    Can you give us more detail on how to get the eye cup? A link to eBay perhaps?

    Thanks, RJett

    HDW : Hi RJett please remember this eyecup was in my drawer I will try to pin it down and give you a link.

  5. roger brown says:

    hi phile have yo u seen this article on making a 60inch print from a framgrab from the GH4?


    also do you have a partnumber or something to go on to find the same eyecup you have there.
    cheers from roger
    WA Australia

  6. Rob H says:

    I’ve only found Sony eyecups for £60+, and links for £15 eyecups that fits the GH4?

  7. Bill Kaiser says:

    Hi, could you show us the rest of your rig? ty for the idea on the cup!


  8. joel Lovell says:

    I have a GH4, MB Speedbooster and sigma art lens – all manual focus work. My biggest problem is getting focus – and yes I use the focus assist blue fringing. My problem is I am farsighted wihen I wear my contacts, and so have to have readers on. This gets to be a real pain, and in the past I used a kamerar viewfinder with 3x mag for my 5DM3; which worked great. When I sold the 5d to get the gh4 I had to sell that VF too because it didn’t fit the gh4; so yes, excellent built in, but I can’t always put my eye up to the VF when I’m recording video.

    HDW : Good point I have noticed this with my son who wears glasses.

  9. Bill Pryor says:

    I have found references to Large Sony Eyecups, but not to Extra Large. Is that, perhaps, the same as this one:


  10. Martin Girard says:

    Very good post thank you! Now i’m looking for a shoulder rig that allow me to use the eye cup. Any idea?

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