AJA’s new CION £5,370 plus vat

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The new 4K camera from AJA has been given little press but is quite popular amongst my readership as Blackmagic have done a fair bit of damage with the previous Cinema Cameras and sensor problems. The CFast memory for URSA is $1,200 for a 128G card giving you 20m of ProRes in 4K.

The AJA uses their proven SSD cards with sensible card sizes like 256GB ($695) or 512GB ($1,295)…more space for your buck.

CION – The New Production Camera from AJA from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

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  1. Richard Kynaston says:

    I think Blackmagic and AJA may have just created two new markets with these cameras.

    Anyone who does not need S&Q video, who does not need true 4K, for whom large screen on set monitoring is either a ‘nice to have’ or required, who wants to use EF/PM mount lenses, or for whom price is key, the BM URSA could well be the ideal, albeit it heavy, camera.

    For those who have the opposite requirements, and don’t need onboard RAW recording, but equally don’t have the cash to go to an F55, the CION would fit the bill better.

    It will be interesting to see how both camera’s go over the coming months, I personally think the F55 still has the edge, but with the price tag, it needs to have. Without any doubt the URSA and CION bring Ultra HD/4K respectively more into the market – the big question in my eyes now is will the lens manufacturers follow suit with lower cost PL mount lenses that are sub £10k??

  2. Kris says:

    Whats peoples thougts on the sensor? APS-C sized at 22.5mm x 11.9mm

  3. Euan Williamson says:

    I’m interested by the CION – could be the most affordable option out there that offers instant playback in slow motion at 4k for sport broadcasting used in conjunction with the TruZoom Corvid Ultra system.

    I await further reviews whenever someone gets their hands on one of them !

  4. asok says:

    dimension of cion

  5. asok says:

    problem is final picture quality

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