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Blackmagic Studio Camera

One of the problems with live production is that most cameras have not really been designed for live production, so they don’t have the features that we need such as a large bright viewfinder, talkback, tally, optical fiber plus almost all cameras are made from plastic.

We have been thinking deeply about what features a camera designed specifically for live production should have and we think we have solved these problems with the new Blackmagic Studio Camera!

This new camera features a very large and bright 10” viewfinder, built in 4 hour battery, talkback, tally indicators, balanced XLR phantom powered microphone connections and built in optical fiber and SDI connections that let you connect to a live production switcher with a single cable! The viewfinder’s LCD is extremely bright and has a very wide viewing angle so it is perfect for use even in direct sunlight.


The Blackmagic Studio Camera features an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount that is compatible with an incredibly wide range of lenses and adapters. This means you can use high quality photo lenses for smaller setups or high end broadcast ENG lenses for large live broadcasts using an MFT to B4 lens mount adapter.

The built in fiber optic connection is bi-directional and depending on the model carries HD or Ultra HD video with embedded audio, talkback, tally and even camera remote control all down the single cable. Talkback uses general aviation headsets so they are really tough and low cost.

The design is cast from magnesium that’s super tough and include a nice large sun shield for use outdoors. It’s an amazing design and having such a large viewfinder makes it amazing to use. It’s so different to any other camera I have used before. It’s so nice doing live production with full talkback to the director and knowing when you’re on air with the tally light.

There are two models of this camera and the Blackmagic Studio Camera is a HD model that operates up to 1080p60 and is available now for $1,995 while the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K updates up to Ultra HD 2160p60 with 12G-SDI and will be available in July for $2,995.


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  1. Leo McMichael says:

    Now if they could make an eng style camcorder with powered zoom lens and xlr connections they’d have a near perfect camera setup!

    HDW : Later this year… Blackmagic URSA Broadcast…
    Includes an Ultra HD sensor optimized for broadcast video, combined with a broadcast B4 lens mount and broadcast lens control connection, 12G-SDI plus built in ND filter wheel.

  2. Chris says:

    This looks fantastic. Oh to have had access to this kit, at this price, back in the day!

  3. I think this is good camera for this price.But how we use this as studio camera with out using zoom & focus kit.Which lenses can use with this camera.Dear Mr.Blackmagic you have to advice about this in your official web site.

  4. indeed….the featured lens in the promo when searched for online turns up a price tag of $42,000 (!!) This doesn’t quite match the targeted market I would imagine

  5. Ervz says:

    Hello Warrior!

    Have we now found a basic zoom lens kit for this? We’re expanding to live production soon and considering BMD’s direction.

    More power!

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