Lots of Video Reviews to come on HD Warrior


A busy old time coming up with some exiting video reviews, firstly Allen McLaughlin TV Cameraman has bought himself a Sony HXR-NX3 and is putting it through its paces for HD Warrior.

Part TWO of the JVC-GY-HM850 Camcorder Review showing you network connectivity and WiFi, how to use the back focus on the new Fujinon AF lens and low light footage.

The new Panasonic AJ-PX270 with its 10bit, 422, 1080 50p pictures onto both SDXC and micro P2 card, the quality using various ULTRA codecs and lots more.

Finally the long awaited Panasonic GH4 user review with SDI adapter for video use, this will be a more in-depth review.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Video Reviews to come on HD Warrior

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      Great! Interested in the AJ-PX270 especially in the handling compared to EX! and the NX3
      Is push auto focus reliable
      Thanks Phillip!

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      Of the several critical flaws of the GH3, it’s of interest to know if Panasonic fixed the “Disappearing Displays after 10 seconds” flaw and the “C1-3 custom settings don’t save Shutter and Aperture settings” flaw on the GH4.

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