Pricing for the Panasonic GH4… £1299 body only (May 2014) UPDATED



It seems that we don’t have to wait till the 17th of March to find out the price of the new GH4 body only… at £1299 this is £200 better than I was expecting but what about the SDI adapter.


I have been told the SDI adapter with GH4 will come in at £2500 making the adapter £1201 which is £500 more than expected.

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      Not completely applicable to the UK, but as a guide, here are the prices from Texas Media Systems in the US:

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      Wow… B&H just today announced body @ 1020 pounds and the adapter unit at 1200 pounds.

      The offer both together for 1981 pounds (no lens).

      Quite different pricing!

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      Note: in America, B&H shows the GH-4 for US$1698, the adapter for US$1999 or both for US$3298.

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      £706 for the XLR/SDI adapter seems to be very unrealistic. In the US it’s 1998 Dollar, in Germany 1999 Euro.
      Of course you can buy everything separately, it’s only cheaper when bought as a kit. The GH4 body plus adapter for example is 3299 Dollar, so you save 400 Dollar.

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      Hold on! B&H will of course have a lower price than the UK/EU – we have to pay import duties and then 20% VAT on top of that.

      Pocket Lint and a few other sites are settling down on £2500 for the GH4 body plus a Yagi, and there’s a separate side offer for early puchasors of the Body and Lens – they get a battery and battery grip. Sounds like that’s where it went a bit fuzzy over the pricing.

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      Indeed Matt, and don’t forget the high cost of insured delivery from the USA (~£35-50?) and the ‘admin. fee’ (~£10-15?) the courier company will require before releasing the shipment (for taking the Import Duty + VAT off you …yes, you pay Import Duty on the item value then VAT on the total item plus Duty value …a tax on a tax!).
      I imported a secondhand Nikon lens from Florida a few years back and with delivery (+ fee), Import Duty and VAT (yes, both on a 25 year old lens!) I’d budget an extra 25% plus delivery costs on any future import.
      At that rate a USA GH4 body at $1698 or approx. £1020 will end up costing somewhere around £1275 plus delivery/fee when self imported …almost certainly more than the UK price.
      Then what happens if you have a problem with the camera? …I doubt Panasonic UK/Europe will be interested in providing warranty support for your new USA market camera?
      As I pointed out in a previous post, when the GH3 was launched Panasonic UK chose to overprice it (relative to other markets) at ~£1250+ for the body as compared, for example, to the USA price of ~$1300 (~£800 at the time) which, even with the addition of UK Import Duty & VAT, equated to around £1000! It was also available in Europe (for those requiring the PAL version) for considerably less than the UK price (with no extra Import Duty/VAT to pay!).
      On this occasion (for a pleasant change!) it seems there is little or no effective price differential between UK, European and USA markets at the product launch.
      As a GH3 user, I was afraid that the GH4 might be overpriced at launch, but looking at the raft of improvements over the (already good!) GH3 (and having had a brief ‘hands-on’ at BVE) I’m beginning to think it’s looking like something of a bargain!

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