Canon C300 (SOLD)

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This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to own a Canon C300 as they very rarely appear second hand, she is in perfect working order and her FW is up to date.


Remember the camera new is £9,279 plus vat (£11,599) from WEX.

This is probably the best large sensor camera I have owned to date but I must move on so sadly she has to go and she has gone !

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  1. KWKeirstead says:

    I can imagine how well this camera was taken care of.

    It’s not likely to be any different from one with 0 hours, straight from the factory.

    HDW : My C300 as with all my gear is my bread and butter so you can take it as RED that she has been well looked after, thats the major difference between owning and hiring.

  2. Mark Dobson says:

    Hi Philip,

    Could you just clarify exactly what’s for sale. You say ‘body only’. Does this include the grip unit, the handle unit and the monitor unit?

    And am I right to presume the batteries come with a charger?


    HDW : Body only means the body, grip and monitor unit, it comes with a single battery charger and one battery and I am throwing in a further battery…plus a surprise your not expecting worth £200.

  3. Tim says:

    I imagine you’ll let us know in due course – but I’m fascinated to know what
    you’re moving on to – 4K all the way?

    HDW : 4K is part of the deal.

  4. Marc says:

    So your Homepage will soon be called 4K Warrior?

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