Filming a small documentary about Glidetrack with the C300 and the GH3

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As we await the launch of the Lumix GH4 I put the GH3 through its paces this week in a small documentary about Alastair Brown more commonly known for Scotland’s exporter of the famous Glidetrack slider.


Having played with the new smoother carriage I can vouch that it’s the smoothest yet and a lot quieter, Manfrotto supply 2 new tripod heads suitable for this carriage the MVH 502AH for bigger camcorders like the new Sony HXR-NX3 or the smaller MVH 500AH as used with the Sony HXR-NX30 or the Panasonic GH3.


Alastair started with an idea from his wedding days and has built his company up to the successful flourishing industrial unit in Hillington we see today just outside Glasgow.

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