New V3 Firmware for F55 and F5

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NEW Firmware Version 3.0


We are very pleased to release Version 3.0 for the F5, and F55 this Holiday season! With close to 30 new features, this is another big release for the leading digital motion picture cameras in the market.

This update is for F5, F55 and AXS-R5


  • USER LUT’s, and look profiles 3D LUT
  • Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lenses
  • New log curve and color gamut (S-Log3/S-Gamut3)
  • XAVC QFHD recording (3840 x 2160)
  • MPEGHD 1280x720p recording
  • Slow and Quick motion on XAVC 4K, XAVC QFHD and Center Scan mode
  • User definable clip naming
  • AES/EBU audio input

………..and much more!


Please see below for all the details, and to download the new firmware

You will notice Slog3, and SGamut3.Cine added in this release. We will explain in detail about this in January with a white paper. S-Gamut3.Cine is (DCIP3). S-Log3 is a log signal with 1300% dynamic range, close to Cineon Log curve. This does not replace Slog2, SGamut, it is added as another choice.

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