The Overview of the Panasonic AG-AC8 camcorder

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I wasn’t too sure when this camcorder arrived till I saw the 1080 50p pictures and the natural colours…especially in the reds, Panasonic are known for browny reds…not anymore. Don’t get me wrong its not a broadcast P2 camera but for a no messing entry level shoulder mount camcorder its performs very well.

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  1. Does it have a flashing red record light on the front?… when the girl is making the cake, her face reflects the red flash a few times..

    HDW : Thats a reflection from her metal spatula

  2. moebius22 says:

    Nice review. Thanks.

  3. Very nice review, Philip.

    Nice camera as well – I was particularly interested to hear that it does not hunt.

    I can see the utility of a shoulder mount relative to the Gliders Grey rig that I mount my AC160A onto. I have to be very careful going in/out of doorways.

    The cook seems to be extremely accommodating.

    I suspect I would have been attacked with a rolling pin had I tried to record any proceedings in my kitchen.

    I hope you don’t eat an of that stuff. It does not look low-cal to me.

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