Sony 4K comes to Malvern

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Why not treat yourself to a 4K experience at H Preston Media today. Watch 4K pictures on the new Sony 55″ KD55 X900 5A (£3199 better than Curry’s) plus the Sony FDR-AX1 4K camera at (£3799). Remember you can get 12 months interest free credit on all purchases over £500 at H Preston Media. The XDCAM version is coming in next week so don’t delay if you need a fantastic 10bit run and gun 2K/4K camcorder this is the choice.



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  1. Shorty Robinson says:

    Aside from that being frighteningly pathetic and sublime ad, 4K is just utter NONSENSE and nothing more than the next level of brainless marketing without rhyme nor reason. For the “small dick” fraction that needs to have the newest of the new for extra bragging rights, with out even grasping what it means.

    For POST, fine. For OUTPUT or distribution? Complete bullshit.

    HDW : Shorty you are verging on the offensive…just because your “small brain” can’t see the power of 4K don’t tar the rest of us with your vitriolic rant.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more. I think the future potential of 4K ( and no, I don’t currently shoot 4K) is very exciting, and I for one will be keeping a very close eye on its development. In my humble opinion it has far more merit than the ‘3D delivery’ of programming to our homes! Thank you once again Philip for keeping us up to date!
    Regards, Gwynne

  3. Shorty Robinson says:

    Oh puh-leeeeeze… “the power of 4K”?? LOL. Really? In what respect? Because it “goes to 11”? 😀

    Like I said, for EDITING it’s sure great for e.g. reframing, added sharpness or the likes. But for OUTPUT? Well gee, so where are you going to watch it exactly? And do you have ANY clue how the human eye works and how completely *pointless* 4K resolution is? Because clearly my brain IS bigger and better informed and isn’t just drooling over numbers of some marketing brochure’s bullet-point list.

    Because the brutal FACT is, that for example with an EIGHTY-FOUR INCH screen, 4k resolution (which you of course have, right?) isn’t fully apparent until you are at least FIVE AND A HALF FEET feet or CLOSER to the screen. For a “tiny” 55-inch screen, you’ll need to be THREE AND A HALF feet or closer. Wow, what amazing “power”! Any distance beyond that your 4K fizzle into utter pointlessness. Oops! Oh but hey, with a 4K 3D TV that uses Passive Polarized Glasses, you will gain the ability to view 1080p content at full resolution!! Oh wait… 3D has no merit (which in fact is true), double-oops! But not to worry, you’re still left with the bragging rights with your buddies at the pub, right? Yay!

    Let’s just hope they not better informed than you! 😀

  4. Mase says:

    Who pee’d in your coffee? o_O I will agree on the the article being more of an ad plug for H Preston than anything blog worthy. Phillip, I wonder if you look into your analytic and see just how many of your readers are outside the local UK area. For obvious reasons, I won’t be able to take a gander at that Sony 4K goodness.

  5. Thank you for your reply which I found useful.

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