First test pictures from the Panasonic AC8

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Just to let you see first impressions from Panasonic’s new AC8 shoulder mount camcorder.


(100% from the 1920 x 1080 50P frame) This camcorder is using a new MOS sensor and so far I am very impressed with the pictures.


Tonight I will be putting it through it’s paces with a 2 hour charity ball in the heart of Glasgow. Stuart will be given the task of using the AC8 for the evening to snatch cutaways and give me his overall impressions of the new Panasonic Full HD camcorder.

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  1. Mase says:

    Please pull some iA 21x-50x shots for comparison along with some low light. Really could care less about all the typical old pro whines about “no xlr” or “it’s plasticky”.

  2. Richard Peakin says:

    Looking forward to this review. Any ideas when it will go online?

  3. Luke Michel says:

    There are two amazing videos on Youtube I just checked. Not sure what country it’s from, but some of the images look just as good as my HPX170 and this is AVCCAM. The new sensor looks impressive in low light. I think it’s Panasonic’s new sensor too. It’s not a BSI.

  4. Luke Michel says:

    Have you tried keying footage from the AG-AC8? What are the results?

  5. I assume the cam is not regionwide? Please..

    HDW : Just had a look can’t see anything in the menu REC seems to be 50p and 50i only

  6. Richard Peakin says:

    I might of missed it, but can’t find the AG-AC8 review anywhere. Did it breakdown or something?

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