Is it a prank too far or just another film promotion ?

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You do have to question the validity of setting this up…just to get reaction shots from unsuspecting customers. As good as it is and it’s certainly one of the best so far, why go to all this bother ?   You decide.

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  1. Matt Davis says:

    Well, knowing the budgets of Hollywood films for promotion and marketing, I guess this viral video worked out to be great value, just so long as the millions of viewers get the Carrie meme and think of it when passing the cinema.

  2. Dipesh says:

    Awesome… This is what movie making is all about….

  3. Chris Gibbs says:

    Brilliant, that appeals to my warped humour gene! (:-)

  4. David Hutchinson says:

    I think you may have just answered your own question… by the fact that you’re talking about it and giving them free publicity.

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