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A couple of you are thinking of getting the Datavision reporters kit, now I have to put my hand up and tell you that I have just done an overview of the Reporters Kit for Holdan so I am slightly biased in my opinion.


Firstly the price…£350 plus vat is unbeatable in my opinion, I first saw this kit at BVE North last year and was shocked when Allan from Holdan’s told me that the kit was retailing at only £350 plus vat, you would have paid that alone for the ABS case 5 years ago !

What about the LED lights, look at the promo video and see for yourself, they are bright enough for any interview I did and so easy and quick to setup…value for money in my opinion and looks the part.

You can order your reporters kit from H Preston Media or Production Gear.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot for such a quick turnaround Phil – looks like I’ll be giving John Preston a buzz soon 🙂

  2. Paul London says:

    Available in USA? Did a quick search and could not fine it.

    HDW : The Reporters kit is exclusive to Holdan but can be purchased and sent to the US
    via H Preston Media or Production Gear.

  3. Owen says:

    Did you test the bi-color or daylight kit? I see the bi-colors are cheaper which is unusual.
    Did you find the small size was a bit harsh as a key light compared with say a larger 1×1?

    HDW : The Reporters kit is the daylight kit with a tungsten filter on one light.

    LED lighting is a harsher type of light to start off with, using the full diffusion filter
    certainly helps but cuts down the output considerably.
    Without a filter the LG-B150 at 1m = 1100 lux
    Full diffusion filter at 1m = 420 lux
    Half diffusion filter at 1m = 900 lux
    Tungston filter at 1m = 450 lux

  4. Gerald Prost says:

    I notice that you have been using your JVC a lot in your recent projects. Perhaps you could tell us why your not using your C300.

    Would you get a significantly better image if you used one of the 2/3″ broadcast camera that we saw in some of your footage?

    HDW : The C300 is not a camera suited to fast turnaround news, admittedly better end result but the JVC HM650 pulls in a mean picture.
    As to the 2/3″ cameras you would expect a slightly better picture but it’s more down to comfort zone and robustness, the TV
    boys have always used shoulder mounted camcorders and having a modular design like removable lens gives you far greater
    shooting options.

  5. hi,
    is the CRI ok on these lights or is a magenta filter supplied?
    on another note How are you finding the LM400.

  6. Tony Dunne says:

    Having seen the earlier quick review I bought the bi colour kit from Prestons. I would highly recommend this kit. Just been using it in set up with other lights, and was really impressed with results. A great little kit to have and a boon for air travel when you just need a small lighting kit to go.
    Many thanks for the heads up on this one.

  7. Z Cheema says:

    How long to the the lights last on the supplied batteries or are there no batteries supplied, the image show there seems to be some.

    HDW : Have not done this yet but I will do when I get home.

  8. Oh, dear.. another product to salivate over.

    The difference between the single on-camera light and a 3-light setup is dramatic.

    I don’t think I will be able to sleep nights until I order one of these kits.

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