The LEDGO Ring-light from Holdan (£199 plus vat)

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I am using the Ledgo ring-light this week and I have fallen in love with the “look”. Ring-lights were mainly used in photography for macro work till recently.


The ring-light causes two distinct circles in the pupils of the eyes, a characteristic of the “shadowless” wonderful light given off by the ring-light itself. Holdan’s are the distributers of the LEDGO CN-R332 ring-light which retails for an amazing £199 plus vat.

The LEDGO ring-light uses two Sony Infolithium “L” type batteries or with supplied adapters Panasonic CGR-D lithium ion batteries or two “AA” battery holders.


As you can see these pictures were taken with my Nikon D7100 using the LEDGO ring-light and in my opinion are stunning.


You have the option to use either side of the light as seen here while filming pack shots of the LEDGO 150 camera top light. I have mounted the light onto various cameras and camcorders using the supplied 15mm rods or with my own Genustech camera adaptor plate and rods.

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