Preliminary testing with the Tascam DR-60d

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While in Edinburgh yesterday testing the new Tascam DR-60d all in one sound recorder I was approached by a fan of the blog.

I was amazed and flattered to discover Dr Javier Perez a trauma doctor from Colorado USA was a keen fan of my blog and came over to get a picture with me. He was over with a bunch of kids from the Denver School of Arts who are performing “Before Wonderland” at the Edinburgh Festival.


The kids were only too happy to be interviewed using a LEDGO 150 camera light, a Lumix DMC-FZ200 and the Tascam DR-60d sound recorder. The Tascam sound recorder is a cracking piece of kit though you do have to be careful when using it.


As you press the record button you are positioned into a REC/PAUSE mode and with a further press you are in full record mode, you can toggle between these two modes or press the stop button to get you out of REC mode all together.

There is a remote input which I thought might tie in with the camera but alas this is only for a wired remote or a foot switch. This is where I get a bit twitchy using a separate sound box with a DSLR setup, you can and I did forget to put the Tascam into record mode…once, but thankfully that was at the start of the day.


I choose the Lumix over my Canon/Nikon as it was the most versatile giving me a swivel VF, electronic live VF, records 1080 50p and has a constant f2.8 aperture lens.

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