Cameraman hit by stray tyre at todays F1 race

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Formula one cameraman Paul Allen made the news today when a formula one car tyre came off and hit him at great force giving him a broken shoulder and cracked ribs.

He was treated at the medical centre then transported by helicopter to Koblenz Hospital. Mr Allan has been kept there, under observation. Further information from the hospital will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

We hope Paul has a quick recovery and send all our best wishes from HD Warrior.

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  1. Gavin Dando says:

    Hi guys, just wanted to say I’m really glad Paul is ok. I watched the GP and was horrified when I saw the incident. I know F1 is much safer than in years gone by and I know staff, team members and crew all work hard to maintain this aspect but incidents can still happen. I’m a stills photographer so it touched a nerve with me when I saw it happen. I do several events in addition to my PR and marketing work and it seems you often need to have eyes in the back of your head on times!
    Get well soon Paul, you’ll be sore and aching for a while but I know you’ll be back at it as soon as you can pick up your camera 🙂

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