JVC JY-HMQ30 4K camcorder with Nikon mount (Japan only)



JVC KENWOOD Corporation is, 4K From JVC brand adopt a Nikon F-mount that allows you change the lens on the handheld body with excellent mobility. JVC has achieved progressive record 4K video (3840 × 2160 pixels), the 4K live output from memory card camera recorder “JY-HMQ30”, as Victor direct limited product release to (start accepting orders).
The combination of 1.25 type CMOS sensor and a large variety of lens, while taking advantage of the lens performance, the machine delivers a rich visual expression in 4K high definition sensor. Including content production, it will respond to a wide range of shooting applications. In addition, high-speed image processing engine “FALCONBRID” by (Falcon hybrid), record to four SDHC / SDXC cards using 32GB × 4, about 2 hours.


The JY-HMQ30 has a Nikon F-mount and will allow shooting in manual operation. In addition, even if you use a replacement lens with no aperture ring, manual shooting in aperture ring of the body can be mounted.

HDW : I thought this 4K camcorder was ditched as many of us were not impressed by the picture relying on 4 SD cards to stitch a 4K picture, if one card happens to be faulty there is no 4K recording !!!


Afterthought… This comes from a growing need for camera manufacturers to supply backup as SD cards are proving less than reliable, I just handed back an SD card to a friend who shot 2 first holy communions on it and only one was successfully recorded. If camera manufacturers are not going to supply dual recordable SD card slots then the ability to record simultaneously to both SD and internal memory…is a must !

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