Mirroring comes to Compact Flash

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Japanese company Amulet is poised to release a CompactFlash card that allows images and video files to be backed up instantly using RAID-style ‘mirroring’. In mirroring mode, the card effectively becomes two storage devices, and records images to both partitions simultaneously. As such, a 64GB card offers 32GB of actual storage space in mirroring mode.

In video terms this may allow you to record the same footage 4 times, one plus back up for the client and the same for yourself.

Many professional DSLRs offer twin card slots to allow for backup storage (in case of hardware failure) but the new Wise CF Card Duo effectively manages this trick in a single CompactFlash card – something which may appeal to photographers for whom a corrupted image might mean losing a commission.

In its standard mode, the card offers 60/50MB/sec read/write speed, which drops to 30/25MB/s in mirroring mode, making it suitable for recording still images and HD video in both modes. The card can be switched between standard and mirroring mode at will, although formatting is required after switching. The ‘Wise CF Card Duo’ will be released on June 14th in 64GB (32GB mirroring) capacity – price and availability still to be confirmed.

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  1. robin probyn says:

    apart from paranoia 🙂 Im not really sure of the big bonus of mirror recording..? of course at least 2 or 3 back ups of shot footage.. but why on the card that your going to have to format at the end of the day.. and i guess for many during the day..
    What am i missing here..

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