Minima 30 from Ianiro £250 plus vat

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Recently I purchased my second Minima light from Ianiro, the Minima 30. My gripe with version one was the inability to run it off L-ion batteries.


The Minima 30 has a Sony F type battery holder and with the push of the silver toggle button you can go between 6500K to 2800K.


The output has also been improved giving you a far better light output than the original model but increase in light also gives us an increase in size.


I had a chance to use both mu mew smaller compact LED lights during an interview.


I love the new compact LED lights, what a difference it makes to the lighting kit carrying two lights in the one wee bag plus a third Calumet light for that extra shadow free bounce.

The Minima 30 from Ianiro is powerful yet portable and is a welcome addition to my arsenal of petite LED interview lights.


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  1. Daniele says:


    where can i find it and ship to italy?

    HDW : Ianiro will ship direct to Italy send Nick an email

  2. Daniele says:


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