Cineroid LM400 5K LED ultra bright £682

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LM400-5k: The new panel Cineroid LM400-5k is both much more powerful, four times less bulky and lighter than twice the current 30×30. The light quality is incomparable and the absence of this green bulb LED technology platform eliminates the phenomenon of multi-shadows Panels 30×30. This projector consists of LED panels for compact high power format 20cm x 15cm. It has a color temperature of 5600 ° K. Description: – Control High Power LED light – Dimming Brightness 30 steps – Connect the external power / wireless controller (optional) – Battery Removable / screw mounts 4.1 “(4 positions) (optional) Package Contents: – A LM400-5 – A AC Adapter – A transparent cover – A Manual system: – High Power LED – Sources – Gradation of brightness – 30 steps – 4.1 Mounting Screws – 4 positions Features: – Size 191 x 141 x 25mm – Power consumption 6 ~ 17V – Light angle of 120 degrees – Brightness step 30 steps – Mount 1/4 “screws (4 positions)


£682 is a snip for this size of LED light when you consider you can spend £400 for a panel twice the size and a lot less powerful, this is a must for every DP’s bag.


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  1. Maseo says:

    Gosh! Look at that massive heatsink.

  2. David says:

    I’m just about to buy a Gekko Kelvin Tile, should this make me think twice?

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Video HERE :

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