SONY run a 1 hour “press” show to tell us mostly about the F65

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Sony keep me up for 1 hour on a Sunday evening to tell me about an F65 that I am not interested in, a cloud system that I am not interested in and a whole load of padding that was boring to say the least to announce ONE new camcorder the PMW-400 and that was so quick I did not get a chance to screen grab it.

They tell us about Oblivion with some interesting shots from the DP to have a blank screen due to copyright…what was the point of this Sony.

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  1. Ripsnorter says:

    Annoying, to say the least. My experience of Sony is such that I no longer own any of their products and have no intention of ever doing so again.

  2. Dan Mears says:

    I ‘watched’ it too and couldn’t agree more, what was the point!?!

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