Broadcast & Professional Video Roadshow May 2013

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In association with TV-Bay and DVUSER, the Broadcast & Professional Video Roadshow kicks off London, Earls Court, May 9. This will be the UK’s first showing of products launched at NAB from leading manufacturers, with live demonstrations, hands on everything, un-missable seminar and workshop sessions and best of all it’s in a city near you!

This Tour brings a unique mix of both products and knowledge to 5 cities around the UK in May 2013.

Each city on the Tour will see workshops and seminars covering camera and lighting techniques as well as production, streaming and the very latest workflow models. Each venue will also see workshops for FCP X, Motion 5 and Davinci.

With a emphasis on a hands on day out to see, play and test the latest kit this promises to be an unmissable event.

Leading manufacturers will be bringing “just launched” products direct from NAB to be first viewed in the UK on ourTtour, one quoting “the tour is perfect post NAB timing for us”.

Venues and Registration…London 9th May – Earls Court Conference Centre, London
Glasgow 14th May – Science Centre – Glasgow
Manchester 16th May – MediaCity, Manchester
Cardiff 21st May – Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Bristol 23rd May – Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol

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First footage from Blackmagic’s new Pocket Cinema Camera

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John Brawley (DoP) “So it’s time to look at some footage from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

This footage was shot over about an hour at my local market on Sunday morning.  So yeah, it’s just home movies.    I was literally grabbing shots where I could whilst I was shopping !  But, you do get to see what one man can do with a pocket cinema camera and a 12-35 Panasonic m4/3 zoom.  I guess for those that like to shoot discretely, guerrilla or documentary style, this will give you a good sense of what you’re going to get.  The same great DR and look has been inherited from the BMCC.

All this footage was shot using the FILM look.   I set my exposure by ETTR and using the 100% zebra to indicate clipping.  I had IS on all the time.  I had a Hoya ND16 on as well to keep me at a slightly nicer stop.  I set the rear monitor to VIDEO and then used focus peaking all the time.


There are plans afoot to create something that’s more *finished* in the way of demo footage in a more formal and drama / narrative style, but for now this should whet your appetite.

Its rough and ready, and really it was just something I threw together very quickly.  Interestingly, I had one guy actually recognise that it was a BMCC pocket and several others stopped me to ask what the camera was !

I cut the footage using FCPx and used my colleague Captain Hook for the grade.  He’s made some fantastic LUT’s for Resolve as donation-ware to make grading BMCC footage even easier.  I encourage those of you who work with BMCC footage to check out these great LUT’s.  There’s some great before and after examples there as well.

Enjoy ! ”

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Rookie’s 1st and last news cast

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Live on air Mr AJ Clemente decides to open his mouth and utter those immortal words that get him sacked, got to say I don’t think he was cut out for the job.

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The new Cineroid LM400 LED light (Updated)

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After unpacking the Cineroid LED light I was shocked by it’s sheer size but this little LED light holds a big secret that could only be exploited in pure darkness.


When I ordered the light I also asked for the optional “V” lock battery pack (BH-LM400V) and the optional Yoke mount with 18mm spigot for mounting the light on a light stand (LY-4×1).


Tonight when testing the LM400 I put it against my most recent purchase, the Calumet CF9030 which is a Dedo Feloni in another guise.


Interestingly not only did the Cineroid LM400 throw out more light in all directions but has a far better colour balance as you can see, look at the far right of picture, it’s unbeleavable that such a small light can perform so well.


A must for this LED light is the diffuser set (LD-42), the light is very piercing and when I phoned Octica the distributers on Friday, Tony told me that they supply a set of diffusers for the LM400. You get 2 sets, both allow you to piggy back one to the other via small velcro stickers.

One point and the reason for phoning Octica was to inform them that the LM400 with the present yoke would not allow me to fully swivel the light for bounce due to the V lock battery getting snagged, Tony told me that he would inform Cineroid of this and they would rectify this in due course.

I used the light today for a green screen shoot and it worked without a hitch. This has to be the best LED light I own, knocking my Gekko Kelvin Tile into second place.

I am delighted with my new LM400 LED light and with such a small footprint will be my first port of call on every shoot from now on, this would make a fantastic ENG light at press conferences.

I ordered my light from H Preston Media..

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SIGMA 18-35mm f1.8 constant aperture lens “Perfect zoom lens for Super 35mm sensors”

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HDW… You have been asking me for a good all round zoom lens for large sensor cameras and now we have one, at 18 (27) to 35 (53) bracketing takes into account the 1.5x crop using a Super 35mm sensor, this constant aperture f1.8 Sigma lens is a must for anyone’s lens bag.

Sigma Corporation of America (, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider for some of the world’s most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, today announced the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art lens, the market’s first zoom lens to achieve a maximum aperture F1.8 throughout the entire zoom range.

This revolutionary, wide aperture, standard zoom lens is created for DSLR cameras with APS-C size sensors, which translates to a focal range of 27-52.5mm on a 35mm camera. With a minimum focusing distance of 11 inches, and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4.3, the 18-35mm is ideal for landscapes, portraits, still-life, studio, close-up and casual photography.

“Exceptionally fast apertures were previously unavailable in zoom lenses, so photographers turned to several prime lenses in a session to get bright images at various focal lengths. We’re incredibly excited to be the first manufacturer to bring the F1.8 standard zoom to the market and to provide photographers with a new level of creativity and convenience, with the outstanding image quality at the core of the new Sigma Global Vision,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.

Amir-Hamzeh added that because developing a large aperture wide angle zoom lens can prove to be technologically and optically challenging, often resulting in various distortions, aberrations and field curvature, Sigma has tapped into its long history as a lens pioneer to overcome those issues in this new generation lens.

“Our experience with the wide angle designs of our 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 II DG HSM and our 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM, and our research and development in our Aizu factory have prepared us for this technological advancement,” he said. “Our wide, glass-molded aspherical lens and the incorporation of Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass have optimized power distribution of the optical elements and compensated for various aberrations, as well as curvature of field at the widest angle. We’re extremely proud of this achievement.”

The 18-35mm is the latest addition to the company’s company’s Art line of lenses, designed under the newGlobal Vision. The Global Vision lenses have a sleek new design with the manufacturing year stamped on the barrel, and are categorized by use into one of three groups: Art, Contemporary and Sports. The Art category delivers high-level artistic expression through sophisticated and abundant expressive power.

The new 18-35mm lens incorporates Sigma’s improved AF/MF switch and the use of Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) compound material, which has a high affinity to metal parts, consistently performs well at extreme temperatures, and reduces the size and weight of the lens. It is also compatible with Sigma’s new USB Dock, which will be available in coming months, enabling photographers to update lens firmware and adjust focus parameters from their computers.

Convenient handling is achieved with internal focusing and zooming, which prevents changes to the size of the lens. Additionally, the front part of the lens does not rotate, so special filters like circular polarisers can be used.

The 18-35mm lens’ Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides sharp and high contrast images, even in backlit conditions. The petal-type hood that is supplied with the lens will provide extra protection from flare and ghosting. Sigma’s Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures a silent, high-speed AF function and the optimized auto focus algorithm results in smooth focusing and full-time manual focusing capability. Lastly, the nine-blade, rounded diaphragm creates an attractive, round bokeh at large-aperture settings.

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Rick Young has a 1st look at the new BM Pocket camera

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Very Interesting from JVC “Stay tuned”

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The drive for 4K and a not very exiting NAB 2013

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Sony Professional: NAB 2013 – Why shoot in 4K? from Sony Professional Europe on Vimeo.

Because video manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo themselves DP’s find it very difficult to plum on one camcorder “fits all”, the Sony PMW-500 is the present choice if you are filming for television but sadly lacks that filmic shallow depth of field seen with the likes of the Sony F5 or the Canon C300.

Most DP’s hire C300’s when needed and when it comes to 4K…it’s ‘hire only” due to the cost of the equipment, BBC Scotland won’t allow 4K filming as the workflow in post is very expensive and lets be sensible who in the UK can watch a 4K production…hands up…!!!


Alister Chapman poses some viable options using 4K, Re-framing for an HD production, image stabilisation, archiving future proof footage and pristine master footage.

Some of us are old enough to remember these very same arguments when Sony were trying to justify the leap from DV to HD…I have never needed to reframe a shot in post though I could see a place for it using a presenter with a green screen background, you could shoot a wide shot and crop as needed, once again stabilisation has never been an issue, I can see the point in archiving and master footage but it’s horses for courses.

You won’t see any difference going from 4K to SD DVD, nor will you gain any benefits shooting on 4K for the web, you will see a tighter, cleaner image going from 4K to Blu Ray,

Not one corporate client of mine has ever hinted in the last 5 years to film in HD let alone 4K, it’s been up to me to film in HD to give the client a better SD end result mainly onto DVD.

If you want to work in 4K you need to have an NLE that allows your 4K workflow, FCPX as far as I am aware allows 4K but you need a Black Magic Ultra Studio 4K to view your 4K footage onto a Sony 4K monitor (not yet available).


I for one am not convinced to move over to 4K this year, I moved over to HD in it’s infancy and it almost cost me my reputation, once burnt and all that.

NAB 2013 was rather disappointing this year, Sony and Panasonic had one shoulder mount each on offer and most of us are questioning…why ? Shoulder mounts are becoming dinosaurs in the video industry, sadly, and at a price of around $20K these camcorders will not be flying off the shelf any time soon.

Canon brought out the XA-20 and XA-25 but at the expense of the magical 50Mbps, these new camcorders are 1080 50p AVCHD…once again I don’t quite see the market for these camcorders, they should have improved the XF range of camcorders first.

JVC brought out the GY-HM70 shoulder mount semi pro camcorder aimed at education and event productions, not one of their better designed camcorders.

The company who once again kicked the buts of all the major video manufacturers was Black Magic Design who appeared with 2 new camcorders, the 4K Cinema Camera and the Super 16mm pocket camcorder…fantastic. BM have had their problems with duff sensors but lets hope that’s all behind them now, the pocket S16mm camera priced around the £700 mark will set the heather alight.

Will the Super 16mm pocket camera finally kill off the DSLR as an alternative for video… well according to some of my readers apparently not, as the smaller sensor may not give you that filmic shallow depth of field seen on many Super 35mm cameras like the Canon C300 and the newer Sony F5.



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Cineroid LM400 5K LED ultra bright £682

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LM400-5k: The new panel Cineroid LM400-5k is both much more powerful, four times less bulky and lighter than twice the current 30×30. The light quality is incomparable and the absence of this green bulb LED technology platform eliminates the phenomenon of multi-shadows Panels 30×30. This projector consists of LED panels for compact high power format 20cm x 15cm. It has a color temperature of 5600 ° K. Description: – Control High Power LED light – Dimming Brightness 30 steps – Connect the external power / wireless controller (optional) – Battery Removable / screw mounts 4.1 “(4 positions) (optional) Package Contents: – A LM400-5 – A AC Adapter – A transparent cover – A Manual system: – High Power LED – Sources – Gradation of brightness – 30 steps – 4.1 Mounting Screws – 4 positions Features: – Size 191 x 141 x 25mm – Power consumption 6 ~ 17V – Light angle of 120 degrees – Brightness step 30 steps – Mount 1/4 “screws (4 positions)


£682 is a snip for this size of LED light when you consider you can spend £400 for a panel twice the size and a lot less powerful, this is a must for every DP’s bag.


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Manfrotto’s new range of stylish bags

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Manfrotto has launched the StilePlus line of camera bags with fashion sense. Aimed at photographers who want a practical but stylish camera bag, the company offers this range in three varieties: the  Diva 15 Tote Bag, Bravo 50 Backpack and Amica 10 shoulder bag. The bags are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Manfrotto are setting a welcome trend by adding a female only bag to their range, I use a range of Manfrotto bags for my LED lights and they are very robust. The diva bag may see itself being used by ladies for all sorts of non photographic reasons, as it’s a very stylish female bag, this is typical of a company who’s ethos is set in the heart of Italy where fashion is part of the culture.


Functional and stylish tote bag for everyday use, with a super protective removable insert for your photo gear. The insert is made with Thermoforming technology to provide the perfect protection for photographic equipment while remaining lightweight.

It is kitted out to carry:

  • CSC’s with attached zoom lens & additional lens
  • 10” tablet
  •  Smartphone, purse, keys, pens, makeup etc.
The Manfrotto Diva rage is available in two other sizes – the Diva 25 and Diva 35. SRP prices from £39.95
The Manfrotto Bravo 50 backpack is a multifunctional backpack for everyday wear, with a super protective removable insert for your photo gear, and adjustable straps and a padded back panel. The insert is made with Thermoforming technology which provides perfect, lightweight protection for photographic equipment.

It is kitted out to carry:

  •  DSLR with attached standard zoom lens & additional lens
  • 15” laptop
  • Smartphone, wallet, keys, pens
The Manfrotto Bravo range is available in a smaller size – the Bravo 30. SRP prices from £69.95
The Manfrotto Amica 10 is a stylish shoulder bag for everyday use. It has extra padding and special pockets to hold your photography kit and everyday accessories, including:
  • CSC’s with attached zoom lens & additional pancake lens
  • Smartphone, keys, pens The Manfrotto Amica range is available in larger sizes with even more pockets in the Amica 20, 30, 40 and Amica 50 models.
  • SRP prices from £19.95


The very lady who may just appreciate a new bag…my wife !

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