Filming Green Screen with the iPad retina and Canon C300

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Today has been…mammoth…firstly Alison arrived at 11am to deliver her lines, all 49 minutes of them, that took us till 1.30pm. I spent the rest of the day ingesting and playing around with backgrounds.


The Canon C300 makes green screen work so easy having 4:2:2 colour space, the iPad makes a great prompter allowing Alison to deliver her lines in her usual professional manner.


Alison and I go back a long way, she is a real pro and comes highly recommended for presentation work, I got her to run the VO lines as well to give me a guide track to work to. I will be busy over the next few days editing “Type One Diabetes-from diagnosis onwards” so please bear with me.

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  1. ArranEye says:

    Glad the project is going well. That’s a great photograph of you and Alison.

  2. What kit & s/w are you using along with the iPad for prompting?

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