Now with full Voice Over facilities and remote VO with monitoring

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Small Video Co Ltd has recently installed a dedicated VO facility with a RODE broadcaster mounted on a Rycote InVision Studio Kit giving full microphone suspension, into the computer itself via a Scarlet Focusrite or a dedicated Marantz solid state sound recorder. The addition of an iPad loaded with “Procutx” allows full remote control of Final Cut Pro X and it’s VO facility thus allowing voice overs to pictures directly onto the timeline, a feature I often use when producing my video reviews.

This takes the mic a lot further away from the computer itself, although quiet still produces a slight fan noise this new setup eradicates the fear of any computer generated noise. The remote facility with monitoring will save a great amount of time though it won’t negate the need for 80% of VO work recorded straight to compact flash.

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  1. Kris Hill says:

    Nice monitor. I didnt know our consumer chaps had this. Will be having a word now 🙂

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