Where is that strange humming noise coming from…UPDATED May 2019

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People all across the planet have reported hearing a strange humming/droning noise at the dead of night usually in their bedrooms like my wife and myself heard last evening.

This is a bit off topic but as I am in an industry that makes a living out of recording sound and vision I feel obliged to report this weird phenomena that has occurred a second time over the last two years.

I was in the edit suite which is right next door to our bed room when my wife came in and asked me what the humming noise was, it was about 1.30am. I switched off all the equipment and could still faintly hear a low, almost mains hum in our bedroom, it is officially reported to be between 40-80 Hz.

I decided to see if the noise was only in the house or outside so we drove round the local area in Burnside, Rutherglen stopping and listening, strangely the noise could also be heard a quarter of a mile up the hill from my house facing south but going the same distance north, nothing.

I looked for the obvious train line maintenance or any kind of construction but once again nothing, the same happened about a year and a half ago and we went through the same exercise.

This strange low frequency hum has also been reported from Canada and England all with the same story only noticeable at night, we don’t have any overhead pylons anywhere near us so it remains a mystery.

Is mother earth being mined under our very feet ?

A recent question… “Anyone have any ideas why it’s mostly heard at night and in the bedroom?”

Editor : Night time is simple…a lot less noise from cars, birds etc its probably in every room but you are more in tune with your bedroom as you spend a third of your life in it and more importantly in the same place i.e.. your position in your bed remains a constant so your ears are highly tuned to that particular space.

“The Hum is a mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten percent of the population. Historically, the area that has been most affected by the Hum is the United Kingdom, where reports have been frequent since the early 1970s. In the United States, Hum reports date from the early 1990s, with the two most publicized locations being Taos, New Mexico, and Kokomo, Indiana. The source of the Hum has never been located. The Hum does not appear to be a form of tinnitus and may not be an acoustic sound. More than just a noise, the Hum is also capable of manifesting as vibrations felt throughout the body and is often accompanied by a suite of physical symptoms that includes headaches, nausea, and pain in the ears. Analysis of the largely anecdotal data that are available at the present time suggests that the most probable explanation is that some people have the capability to interpret radio transmissions at certain wavelengths as sound. It is well established in the scientific literature that people can hear electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies and peak power levels. Previous studies have found that a subset of the population has an electromagnetic sensitivity that is significantly greater than the mean. Several hypotheses are considered and discussed as possible sources of the Hum. These include cellular telephone transmissions, LORAN, HAARP, and the TACAMO aircraft operated by the US Navy for the purpose of submarine communications. “


Here is a BBC radio program on this topic…


Glenn Marden “Anyone wishing to create the exact tone/frequency as to what they hear, can create and download an MP3 file here: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/

Maybe show to others. Have one headphone in, and use slider on tone generator to align sound until you then hear the hum equal in both ears. For me it was 36Mz.

Hope this maybe useful to others. 

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Sue,

    Nothing electrical though the sound comes from a point just above a dual mains socket.

    Remember that the sound remained even with the mains switched off. It was also very easy to pinpoint the source within a few inches radius and it could not be heard elsewhere. Weird.

  2. Teresa says:

    I’ve heard this noise for a while now in various areas of Houston Pa (U.S.). I’ve always had a ceiling fan and assumed it was the fan needing tightened, like it was wobbling. But as I lay here in bed at 130 in the am I notice that familiar sound. The difference this time? I don’t have a ceiling fan…

  3. Sue says:

    Hello Richard
    I am wondering if the wire is old or worn… have you considered changing the wire and socket? It may be a DIY project, but you need to consider the cost if you get an electrician in. It depends on whether you think it will solve the problem. Good luck. Unfortunately, my noise is all around in the air and ground at times, makes the cottage vibrate and is unbearable to hear. Mine is definitely electricity based. Very best, Sue

  4. Sue says:

    I would still report it to the council. If they don’t know about it, they can’t do anything about it. If enough people report hearing this hum, then they have to do something about it. Ask around, ask people you meet, good place is at the chemist as people complain of headaches and are looking for aspirin and the like. Ask at the receptionist at the doctors. In particular ask old ladies in the street or at the old people’s clubs as they seem to hear it more than most. Not only will you get information, you will cheer them all up by chatting about other things!

  5. Richard says:

    No, it isn’t the wiring, Sue. As I say, it was there with the mains off.

    I have my suspicions, though.

    Do you live in a rural area (“cottage”) with no mains drainage?

  6. Dee says:

    Thank you Steve im in process of looking for another flat …in meantime having to sleep at friends or family for the time being ….
    I still think it has something to do with all the SKY dishes and i have a sky box in the loft above my bedroom feeding all the flats in the building i am in….My sis got sky fitted a few months ago and she has the same noise now but to a much lower level. Her dish is on her roof outside….

  7. Bert says:

    To me, I think it sometimes radiates within the earth itself. I have tried shutting off the mains here when I’ve heard it in another house and it made no difference. I’ve read also it could be due to stresses within the earth.

    I think for auditory sources from the earth the house acts as a sounding board of sorts as in a piano.

    Some have also felt it is quite electromagnetic in nature and more than just auditory. I think sometimes it’s due to various reasons, in some cases due to electromagnetic radiation from the mains, etc. but in other cases from other sources. I think that’s what makes it so hard to source.

    I also lived once in a place where the turbine heaters used in huge coal fired furnaces in a hospital set up very low frequency ground vibrations that affected only various houses blocks away as a function of the structure of the soil carrying the low frequencies. The hospital tried to measure it at my house with decibel meters, but really, it was a ground vibration, so those were worthless to me.

    Then, here on the coast, I heard it several times and it turned out it was a pleasure boat running their generators at night in a nearby waterway.

    It’s horrible when it happens, it permeates the entire body.

  8. Emma says:

    Hi all,
    I last posted my initial comment back in April/May of this year and have been following all your comments/views/thoughts/suggestions since that time with great interest!
    I would like to share with you my experience with a homeopathic remedy – no I’m not crazy, I was very skeptical at first, but I tried this as a last resort, as the Hum was having such a detrimental impact upon my health and life in general. Briefly, by way of background I have been hearing the Hum on and off since 2012. My boyfriend and neighbours cannot hear anything. I am now 44. I live in a semi rural area surrounded by RAF air bases and a few wind turbines (but not many). The growing intensity reached fever pitch in April 2014 whereupon I made an appointment at the doctors to have my ears checked, they found nothing unusual and referred me to the hospital for an audiology test. All was pretty normal, except that my left ear was slightly down (not that I have ever noticed), nor did it explain my hearing the Hum when others cannot! The hospital suggested I have an MRI IAM scan which particularly looks at the inner ear and blood tests. The MRI came back clear, as did the bloods. So I KNOW there is nothing ‘medically’ wrong with my hearing! During these months of medical investigation I sourced (upon recommendation) a homeopathic lady who basically did some simple, non-intrusive tests and told me that I was really quite sensitive to Electro Magnetic Radiowaves. In homeopathic terms, I am what is called a ‘pulsar’ which has something to do with electromagnetic radiation – yikes! This is not something that you contract overnight but something that builds and builds over time. She prescribed me a remedy, 5 drops of Algin twice a day and a small pulsar tablet twice a week for a month. Other advice given was to give myself a break from the computer/phone/ipad etc, which I do, unplugging devices from time to time. Essentially though the remedy prescribed should ‘detox’ me. I had nothing to lose and I was at my wits end with the goddamn Hum so I thought I might as well try it. Honestly and to my absolute shock after one week I could not hear the Hum. I dared not say anything to my boyfriend for fear I jinxed it but thought I’d sit out the month. I went back to see the homeopathic lady, she reduced my remedy for a further two months. Silence is golden! I am now 3½ months clean of the blasted Hum. I can sleep at nights, I have my mojo back, I’ve the energy to go running again, it is quite unbelievable! I am definitely a convert to this type of therapy! It is not expensive, it only cost me £13.35 for the first month’s remedy and subsequently £13.35 for the second remedy but as the prescription reduces this is lasting me two months. I am told that I may not have to take the remedy for the rest of my life, I may never have to take it again or I may find I need to every year or so – every individual will be different. Just had to share this with you, I’m over the moon I feel cured. I may never find the source of the Hum but I believe that as we are surrounded these days by high levels of technology which is developing all the time that an amalgamation of all these EMRs will only get worse, hence more and more people across the globe are ‘tuning in’ to them. So I know some of you have quite drastically taken the decision to move house, I believe that if you are as sensitive to EMRs as I am then there will be very few places on earth to move to. Please try the homeopathic route – it just might help. It works for me!!

  9. chris says:

    hey emma, thank you so much for sharing your story and the homeopath information! congratulations on beating this thing! you give the rest of us hope. 🙂 i’d like to try that homeopathic remedy as well – sure couldn’t hurt! what is the “small pulsar tablet?”

  10. Richard says:

    Humans cannot hear EMR.

    Emma’s “remedy” is almost certainly because she believes it or the internal problem she had has gone. The “advice” she was given is dubious to say the least. But hey, she’s hum free and that’s what counts.

    I agree with Bert: where many people can hear it the sound is most likely mechanical and is being transmitted by certain geological structures. Electrial currents in the earth are so minute as to be irrelevant.

    In our case we could pinpoint the “source” within a few inches and hear it go on and off. It is external and transmitted underground from nearby, we think.

  11. Kirstie says:

    Hi Emma
    I too would be interested in the remedy you were provided so I can see a naturopath here is Australia as well.

  12. Kirstie says:

    Hi Emma
    I too would be interested in the remedy as well so I can visit a naturopath here in Australia

  13. Richard says:

    Be careful!

    Homeopathy is a thoroughly discredited art (it is ot a science) as I can testify from my own experience.

    Googling for this pulsar tablet is fruitless which furher raises suspicions of quackery.

  14. Sue says:

    I certainly wouldn’t take anything I bought off the internet, especially tablets. It is not regulated or certified, you just have to take their word for it. Unless you are a chemist and can analyse the contents, I would avoid!

    This is a physical sensory problem, caused by noise. Homeopathy is unlikely to make it go away!

  15. Richard says:

    Well said, Sue.

    Homeopathy does not and cannot work anyway but the placebo effect has to be taken into account.

  16. Sue says:

    Rural, yes, mnain drain yes, also a high voltage cable running under teh road outside the cottage.

  17. Bert says:

    Well, the darn hum just started back up here on the coast. I heard it last night, then it seemed to go away today, now as dusk approaches I can hear it now. I just went out and walked the perimeter of the entire house. I could hear nothing, came back inside and I hear it in the bedroom. I can feel it in the cement floor, it is a slab on the ground. It sounds like a diesel truck idling in the distance, but there is nothing like that here. It could be a pleasure boast that pulled into one of the canals. I haven’t checked that out yet, but it seems way too full throated a noise this time to be from a boat idling the engines.

  18. Lynda Mountfort says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and (hopeful) solution. I live in an area about 20kms north of Wellington in New Zealand and have only been hearing/feeling the Hum since March this year, so am a relative newbie to this experience. My experience of it is like the majority of people’s. Sometimes it’s so bad I just want to scream. Interestingly last night is the first night I didn’t hear it when I went to bed and it didn’t wake me during the night AND I didn’t hear it when I awoke. Wow, I felt good after a proper night’s sleep; makes a huge difference to your energy levels. I will definitely check out your homeopathic remedy; we have a very reputable homeopathic chemist in the area and I will check things out with them. I wish you continued relief from the dreaded hum. Best wishes. Lynda

  19. Richard says:

    Sue, the mains cable is a suspect.

    Is everyone on mains drainage near you if not someone may be using a Klargester sewage system.

  20. Emma says:

    Hi All,
    Still reading your comments with interest and have made some observations which I think need clearing up. Some of you have clearly jumped to some bizarre conclusions? Maybe you are suffering from the ‘Hum’ more than you think?!

    Richard: I don’t recall anywhere in my post stating that I thought I/humans can hear EMR. What I stated was, I was hearing the Hum. Nor did I state that I had an “internal problem”? I merely took the decision to visit my GP/referral for an MRI IAM scan purely to rule out the ‘possibility’ of a medical issue. I never actually ever believed there was anything wrong with me ‘internally’ as I believe (like many others) the Hum is very much an external noise.

    Sue: I don’t recall stating anywhere in my comments posted on 24 Oct that I had purchased anything “especially tablets” off the internet? This was not the case at all.

    I appreciate that everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but the above described comments you made were purely fabricated on your part.

    Particularly for me, living with the awful Hum for two years motivated me to either find the source or attempt to deal with the symptoms I was experiencing. I have not yet found a scientific conclusion to eliminating the Hum nor have I found a medical conclusion, hence I sought ‘alternative therapy’. At this point, I was willing to try anything, instead of just complaining about it.

    I wish to clarify therefore how I think I may just have found my ideal for eliminating the Hum from my life. I telephoned the homeopathy lady to arrange a consultation. I attended the appointment in her own home. We chatted, I explained my symptoms and we went through lots of things in my life generally including my family/medical history, anything of that nature really (nothing particularly outstanding there!). I guess she has to build up a picture of who you are, what you are like etc, as in effect, I am a stranger to her. She then conducted a simple non-intrusive, non-painful test in which she attempted to define what toxins have built up in the body (only she exactly understands how this works having practised for over 20 years, I personally cannot explain this to you). The conclusion to this test was that I had gradually built up toxins in the body emitted from EMR mostly (you all already know many of the possible kinds of things these come from as you discuss them on this website). The end result of this was hearing the Hum, and sometimes feeling the vibrations too.

    As I stated previously, I was very skeptical initially about this therapy. I am neither naive nor easily manipulated, but I was willing to be open-minded about it, especially since I had found no answers elsewhere (i.e. scientifically or medically).

    Moving on to the remedy prescribed, the Algin comes in the form of drops, are placed on the tongue, it doesn’t particularly taste of anything and the pulsar is what may best be described as a small white ball about the size of a stud earring, again is placed on or under the tongue to melt. I wish to apologise for my previous description of this, I believe I described it as a tablet when it is not actually a tablet. My sincerest apologies if this description was misleading in any way.

    I reiterate that having regular breaks from my PC/iPhone/iPad was also advised. I unplug and switch off these devices from time to time, especially overnight. (My job requires me to sit at my PC all day and into the early evenings sometimes). I was also advised to look into the quartz phoneShield and the quartz wi-fiShield. These two devices have been scientifically designed to alleviate the harmful effects of EMR. They have been developed in the UK where they are manufactured. The technology has been tested under UK laboratory conditions by eminent scientist, Roger Coghill, and certified to be effective in mitigating the detrimental biological effects of cell phone radiation and thus affords significant protection.

    Testimonials confirm that people have achieved immediate relief from health conditions associated with mobile phones and wi-fi which are believed to be symptomatic of early EMR effects. Some of the less serious complaints reported are: (a) sleep disorders (b) tiredness, fatigue and muscle weakness (c) reduced concentration and memory loss and (d) headaches, nausea and disturbed vision. For more info: http://www.phoneshield.co.uk

    I was also advised that quartz is especially good to have around as quartz acts like a sponge absorbing EMR.

    All I know is, that I can no longer hear the Hum. However, it is obviously still out there because you are all still hearing it, living with it and suffering because of it.

    I believe that the ‘remedy’ that was prescribed for me has detoxed my body of these particular toxins such that I am no longer ‘tuning in’ to the Hum.

    I must admit, initially, after the first week of taking the remedy, it crossed my mind that it could be placebo, hence I remained silent on my results at first, and in the meantime I strained to listen out for the Hum, especially late at night and in the early hours when it was mostly at its peak (I still do it now). But you know what, I cannot hear it any more, I am now almost 4 months free of the Hum – it’s exhilarating really!

    It is important to note that my homeopathy lady did not promise anything, she did not provide any guarantees. All I can say is that I am cured and the alternative therapy route gave me the results I was searching for. I continue to hope that this remains the case forever but I shall update if anything changes.

    I did source my local homeopathy lady via the internet but she was also recommended to me by one of my best friends who suffered with hayfever year on year. It has to be said that none of the available (and expensive) ‘medications/drugs’ (that have many side effects) seemed to work for her so she tried ‘alternative therapy’ – it worked for her too! But I digress…

    The rationale behind my posting the comments I made on 24 Oct and today was to share my experience and hopefully, if just one of you took up an opportunity to ‘try’ an ‘alternative therapy’ and it worked for you too, then I have helped one Hum sufferer at least!

    Best regards to all.

  21. Richard says:

    Emma, whether or not you believe you do not have the placebo effect this is the most likely cause. No matter, this is good for you.

    Homeopathy has been conclusively scientifically debunked so this can be ruled out along with algin (kelp extract). The “pulsar” is more quackery: ask what the contents are.

    Alternative medicine sellers (yes, it’s a business) always claim that our bodies are full of toxins but again this is untrue.

    As for alginates preventing radiation effects this is impossible and again has been thoroughly discredited.

    If anything, quartz can create EMR not sponge it up: quartz does not work in this way, it is inert until “driven” by an external, usually electrical, stimulus as in a watch. Anyway, unless you live on top of a powerful source (which noone does) EMR is at such a low level it has no effect on humans.

    Glad you no longer hear a hum but maybe the source has gone.

  22. Richard says:

    Emma, phoneshield is another example of quackery based on the false claims of one man. Far from being eminent n the accepted sense, Coghill is a very strange bloke whose ideas have been thoroughly discredited and whose understanding of EMR etc has been shown to be tenuous to say the least. He is not reliable.

  23. Kirstie says:

    Emma, great to hear of your experience. I think that natural therapies are a good alternative in dealing with the side effects of exposure to the Hum and I am an advocate of trying it. So for me, I will certainly be seeking homeopathics and natural remedies in helping me deal with it. I understand what others are saying, that we need to deal with the underlying issues and the cause, but sheesh the sleep deprivation for me at present is a priority.

  24. Sue says:

    Mains drainage as well. All goes down to the sewage farm at the bottom of the glen. I have been down there several times when the hum is bad to see if I can hear anything and it is all quiet down there.

  25. Richard says:

    Interesting, Sue. Does everyone else hear it?

    Presumably, if you leave home the hum goes?

    There has to be a physical reason.

  26. Bert says:

    When I heard the hum again the other night I could not hear anything around the perimeter of the house, but I did notice the power transformers up on the electrical pole were humming very loudly, I guess because of the increased load at night with lights and all on in the community. I never hear that during the day, but it did not seem to be the source of the hum I was hearing which I am sure radiates from the earth.

  27. Sue says:

    The hum is easily heard by me in Longniddry and in the West End of Edinburgh when I am either in peoples’ houses or in the car when the engine is switched off. Others have heard it as well. I have had the noise recorded in my cottage as 50hz with harmonics of 100hz, the signature of electricity.

  28. Richard says:

    The sound of transformers could easily be transmitted down the pole(s) through the ground and to your house, Bert.

    Sue, those frequencies are perfect tell tales of UK the mains frequency fundamental and its second harmonic, Sue. All you have to do is find the source!

  29. Dee says:

    HI Sue i am so glad that i am not the only on in Edinburgh that hears this, Ive had the environmental guys out and a chap from the university they all can hear the noise but cant find the source i have to sleep at my sisters house to get some rest from the drone. i live in the west of Edinburgh too. Interesting!!!!!!!! maybe i should move to the East side of the city ..

  30. J says:

    Hi Dee and Sue, I first wrote on this site almost two years ago and had heard the low frequency hum for a long time before that. I’m in South Edinburgh. I tried to ask for a hearing test to see if I could hear lower sounds than anyone else but got a five minute lecture on tinnitus from a sceptical GP. (I do not suffer from tinnitus). I also feel it as vibrations. I reported it to the council, and after many months of council men coming out to the house (late at night because that was when it was louder – when all the city traffic calms down) they eventually tried to measure it and did get a result but concluded it was just ‘background noise’ and couldn’t pin-point a source. They couldn’t hear it and no-one else in my family can. I hear this in every house I have stayed in, on holiday in the UK and in other family homes, I even heard it outside in the middle of nowhere in the peace and quiet of the Scottish Highlands (near a loch in an area surrounded by hills – but there was a small hydro scheme on another loch nearby and water carries low frequency sounds quite well). I have given up speaking about it and trying to find out what it is. Every house I’ve stayed in has mains water, electricity and phone lines and even with the electricity off, it is there. It’s worse at night but I hear it in my own home during the day if it’s quiet. Basically, I have had to learn to live with it and not let it annoy me because no-one takes it seriously. For months it drove me mad at night but it seems to just be the sound of the 21st Century and the result of all the things we have around us that use water, electricity, radio waves, internet etc. This site gets comments from all over the world so it’s clear it’s not just a specific Edinburgh, Scotland or UK issue. It will affect your health if you let it, so all I can say is that you have to find the best way of dealing with it for you. I know that is no consolation and it definitely sounds louder in the winter (less tree leaf cover to mask it?) but I expect it also coincides with heavier use of all services and generators etc. When I hear it now (still most days and nights) I just tell myself it’s something that doesn’t annoy me so much – like the Central heating or the dishwasher. I obviously started to tune in to it for whatever reason at some point a few years ago so I hope I can also learn to tune-out or de-sensitise myself to it because I’ve accepted It’s not going to go away.

  31. Edward Griffiths says:

    Hi J, I was wondering if there’s any correlation between the location of your house and holiday places, and the location of wind farms. If you don’t mind could you click on the Telegraph interactive map of wind farms below and see whether you are, and were near any of these wind farms. Could you report back on that please? Thanks.


  32. J says:

    Hi Edward, looking at the map, it does look like it is difficult to go anywhere in the UK which is very far away from a wind farm. I have often thought that perhaps at home, I can hear the one over Sutra. The most remote place I heard it outside was Loch Leothaid in Sutherland and the nearest wind farm would be on the Achany Estate near Lairg. It was totally silent there and I was dismayed to hear it but it was interesting that in finding such a silent and remote place, the hum was audible. The map doesn’t have a scale so I can’t give distances but, yes most other locations are probably within 20 miles of a ind farm. But they are all near electricity lines and all houses had telephone lines. The fact that this only seemed to start about five years ago, may be due to the increase of wind farms but as I said, I have spent a long time being driven mad by it so try to accept that it is part of the modern world we live in now……….although, I do hope it has nothing to do with fracking trials.

  33. Sue says:

    Dee I have a suspicion that the source is the Smeaton Transformer. Near the bypass and around the Dalkeith area. I am hopefully due to visit and determine if that is where the noise is coming from. It is quiet tonight at 21.00 hours. Please do keep a diary, that is the only way we will find out where it is coming from.

  34. Edward says:

    HI J, yes these wind farms are popping up all over the place, and with respect to my own problem with low frequency noise and vibration I’m 90% sure that I’m affected by them. I too have been to rural locations in both Scotland and Wales, away from any heavy industry, where I’ve been badly affected by LFN. I can only put this down to wind farms which were in the area because that seems to be the only viable explanation to me, and of course wind farms are known to produce LFN.

  35. john says:

    Glad to know i aint alone.
    Beeen hearing weird noises for the past months… usually when im in bed an trying to sleep. Its sounds like a diesel engine on a boat, Or a small vessel idling. I usually need to play music or watch movies to fall asleep.

  36. Sue says:

    Dear All
    Very interesting. Am in New Orleans at the moment and the horrible deep humming started up at 23.43 UK time tonight. Again at 1am UK time, 17.43 and 20.09 New Orleans time. Anyone else hear it? Familiar deep penetrating hum cuts through everything else.

  37. Mel says:

    I’ve been bothered by this droning sound for around 4/5 years and have lived in various locations in west of Scotland. Had pretty much given up trying to block out the droning/humming and though I have to now sleep with earplugs in every night (habit now) they don’t actually help. Is there anything that silences this? I had either learnt to ignore it or it’s maybe been a lot less noticeable over the last year but over the last couple of weeks it has become louder than ever again. Had a blinding headache for a few days which paracetamol and migraine tablets didn’t help. After a couple of days of the headache I noticed the droning was back and has been the worst yet. Was diagnosed with over active thyroid in the last year also and wondered if anyone else has any illnesses that are perhaps linked to this? Does anyone suffer from pressure type headaches that they think might be connected? Worth saying too, it was after I had ears syringed around 5 years ago that I first became aware of this though it’s definitely an external sound. Can also hear during day.

  38. Richard says:

    Mel, can other people hear it?

  39. Dee says:

    Hi Mel i too suffer from headaches due to this dreadful hum also i have BP problems when i stay in my flat. when i go for respite to a friends or family for a few days BP comes down. my memory is awful these days due to lack of sleep.. I was thinking of moving back to the west of Scotland but now im thinking twice about this after reading your post 🙁

  40. Lynda Mountfort says:

    Hi there. I have only been subjected to the drone/hum since March this year, so I truly sympathise with your lengthy exposure to it. I was almost at my wits end for the first 3 months and now have resigned myself to finding ways to “cope” – as have you! For what it’s worth, I have found the best assistance to sleep is to have my CD player on a chair close to my bed (and my head). I have selected a CD of relaxing music (with no sudden change of volume) and I press “play” any time I am disturbed by the Hum and let the whole CD play. On bad nights this can be 6 or 7 times a night. If you have a “repeat” button it would be easier of course! (mine doesn’t work). On loud-hum nights, I have the volume quite loud, but as the music is still relaxing it keeps me calm. Does anyone reading this have the experience of the left ear being the dominant ear for feeling the hum? On really bad nights I can feel a kind of buzzing vibration in my left ear and throughout the left side (only) of my head.

  41. L says:

    I am in north london. I hear it at night and during the day it eminates from my bedroon but can be heard in the hall and the living room near my bedroom but not in the kitchen or outside. I have checked many times anx it is not outside and n9t in my ears.
    It wakes me up at night and my health is affected although I have not attributed my recents health conditions to the low frequency constant humming noise, but after reading online I am now wondering if it is the hum that is making me feel this way.
    Hard to sleep, body and muscle aches, nausea etc.
    I would love to know how to stop this. I wonder what homeopathic remedy has been helping. Please advise. Thanks in advance

  42. L says:

    What about starting up a government petition?

  43. Richard says:

    Homeopathy won’t work.

    First thing to do is see if others can hear the same, if not the most likely source is your own body. Get medical help.

  44. Mel says:

    Nobody else in my circle of family and friends can hear it which on the one hand is very frustrating but on the other, I’m glad as wouldn’t wish this on anyone. That said, looking at the sheer amounts of people from all over who do actually ‘hear’ this, along with the many folk confirming online here at this website, I’m definitely not alone. I do ‘hear’ it and it is external. Read this article too http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Hum-irritate-new-generation/story-20509960-detail/story.html

    I genuinely wish it was an ear problem or something medical as then there would be a possible solution. I think maybe something about my hearing/ears is making it possible for me to pick up the drone. I hear this with my right ear only (at present, that may change!) I’m thinking that perhaps when I had my ear syringed around 5 years ago something may have been displaced or damaged creating a vibration/audio reaction to whatever the more commonly unheard source of the drone/hum is.

    As I said before, I always sleep with earplugs in though they don’t really help. However, if I firmly block my right ear with my finger/hand putting reasonable pressure on the correct spot, it does block it (and everything else)! Obviously not an ongoing solution as impossible to fall asleep without your hand falling away and to be honest, given a choice I wouldn’t want to have to block my hearing every night.

    I use a computer, broadband, electricity, mobile phone, microwave oven etc etc – all the usual suspects…. Windfarms may be the culprit – there are a lot quite near to where I live now though none in other areas I’ve lived and suffered the ‘hum’. There are also Pylons quite close and even Faslane isn’t that far away in the grand scheme of things. I hear it in all rooms/homes and although very much worse at night when there’s no other ambient noise, can also hear it during the day much fainter too. I can’t hear it outside during the day but haven’t checked if I can during the night.

    I’ve decided to mention this to my doctor on my next visit due to the recent return of it and the ‘headachy’ symptoms which may or may not be related. I’ll report back anything useful.

    I think getting anxious and upset about it, which I did for a long time, would likely have a detrimental effect on health with loss of sleep etc and may in turn cause more damaging ailments. It is actually kind of like a form of torture! For now the only way to go forward is to find a way to cope with it and not let it drive you mad! Longer term the source of the ‘hum’ needs to be found – any ideas on how to get that ball rolling?

  45. Carol says:

    Your story of hearing the hum/rumbling noise is so similar to mine.
    I started hearing it in this house at the very end of February 2014. We’d bought here back in may 2013 and spent few months doing it up. In all the times i was here painting or doing jobs in the silence, there was no noise. We moved in november last year and it was peaceful until one day i noticed a low rumbling noise. I was sitting on the stairs tying my shoelaces and just thought it was a truck outside with its engine running.
    I have heard it everyday since! Though there was a period lately from the 4th September to 17th october when it stopped. That was bliss!
    I too find i can hear it in one ear more than the other. My left ear has perfect hearing and at night i put an earplug in this ear. It doesn’t completely silence it as it is such a low drone, almost on the edge of hearing, but it takes the edge off it. Again if i cover my ear completely with my hand or block my ear with finger icant hear it. It is not me.
    I have been for hearing test and my ears ar3 fine. They dont test at such low frequencies for me to be able to say i could match the tone i hear to a particular frequency.
    The noise i hear is one tone, the lowest note of a pipe organ is how i describe it. Never varies. Always there. I can hear it even with the tv or radio on. I think i am that tuned into it. The only small relief iget is when an aeroplane flys overhead and i hear it’s engines instead, or if the traffic is busy – a car going by covers it up.
    I hear it in every room in house, even the attic. I am in a terraced house so i plucked up courage and asked direct neighbours. When invited in i could hear it in their houses too. Girl next door could perceive it when i asked her to stop and listen but she just thought it was the traffic.
    The roads round us were closed for sporting events during the summer, so no traffic at all and it was stillpresent.
    I’ve had gas, water, electric and council out. No one else in family can hear it but i ask everyone who comes round whether they notice it!
    Water man could hear it! Council eho trainee could hear it! Scottish power man could hear it!
    There are two substations/electricity transformers near us so they have been getting the blame but i stand next to them and can’t hear a noise so loud or low that you would think would travel the 50 metres or so into my house.
    Mel, you mentioned faslane. I take it you are on west coast? I am south Glasgow. I would be interested to compare notes or come listen…
    The rest of your tale on how to deal with it is so familiar. Some days i get angry, some i try investigating again, other days i tell myself it is just city noise or the motorways but really i just want to turn a switch and make it stop! Even considered counselling !
    Please feel free to comment with any ideas/questions. I wish everyone who is suffering with this well.

  46. Carol says:

    Mel – just read your other comment from November 9th.
    I too have an overactive thyroid. Have had it for past 8 years. Dont think it affects ears but was interested that you mentioned it.
    On another note, can anyone else stand at their front door and and by moving in and our their house, hear it, then not hear it. By that i mean step inside house and i hear noise, step out into porch i dont hear noise. I can sway back and forth in the porch (must look like and idiot!) and hear it, not hear it depending on slight positioning. Mental!!
    I may set up a Facebook group for this. Any suggestions what it should be called? “Low frequency hum sufferers”??

  47. Richard says:

    It would be interesting for sufferers to go to an anechoic chamber to see what happens.

    Also, an auditory check of hearing sensitivity in the below 200Hz region would possibly be helpful.

    Measuring the sound in the affected location is key: if nothing can be detected, noone else can hear it and pressure on the ear reduces the noise it might well be personal and not external.

    Good luck.

  48. Carol says:

    Here we go – one facebook page dedicated to low frequency noise sufferers. Please feel free to add your stories, links and comments.

  49. Sue says:

    hello Mel
    I do understand it when you say a form of torture. It makes your head ache and feel like it is buzzing and there is no escape from it. Indeed, I have considered checking into a hotel at 2am to get away from it. I have found out that the noise can be heard all over, specifically in the last month of November 2014 in New Orleans, Paris and Texas. I am yet to go to Washington DC and will possibly hear it there. I had it recorded in my cottage in Roslin and it turned out to be 50hz with harmonics of 100hz which is the signature sound of electricity. Please do keep a diary of times and dates of when it is bad and, as importantly, when it is silent. That way you can record when any equipment or transformers when they are switched off for maintenance. Please do keep on recording. ask you local council to come and record the noise to confirm it is electrcity. I am hoping to get enough information to get up a petition to have it investigated by the govt. Very best Sue

  50. Richard says:

    Sue, are you in the US? If so your mains frequency is 60Hz not 50.

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