Where is that strange humming noise coming from…UPDATED May 2019

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People all across the planet have reported hearing a strange humming/droning noise at the dead of night usually in their bedrooms like my wife and myself heard last evening.

This is a bit off topic but as I am in an industry that makes a living out of recording sound and vision I feel obliged to report this weird phenomena that has occurred a second time over the last two years.

I was in the edit suite which is right next door to our bed room when my wife came in and asked me what the humming noise was, it was about 1.30am. I switched off all the equipment and could still faintly hear a low, almost mains hum in our bedroom, it is officially reported to be between 40-80 Hz.

I decided to see if the noise was only in the house or outside so we drove round the local area in Burnside, Rutherglen stopping and listening, strangely the noise could also be heard a quarter of a mile up the hill from my house facing south but going the same distance north, nothing.

I looked for the obvious train line maintenance or any kind of construction but once again nothing, the same happened about a year and a half ago and we went through the same exercise.

This strange low frequency hum has also been reported from Canada and England all with the same story only noticeable at night, we don’t have any overhead pylons anywhere near us so it remains a mystery.

Is mother earth being mined under our very feet ?

A recent question… “Anyone have any ideas why it’s mostly heard at night and in the bedroom?”

Editor : Night time is simple…a lot less noise from cars, birds etc its probably in every room but you are more in tune with your bedroom as you spend a third of your life in it and more importantly in the same place i.e.. your position in your bed remains a constant so your ears are highly tuned to that particular space.

“The Hum is a mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten percent of the population. Historically, the area that has been most affected by the Hum is the United Kingdom, where reports have been frequent since the early 1970s. In the United States, Hum reports date from the early 1990s, with the two most publicized locations being Taos, New Mexico, and Kokomo, Indiana. The source of the Hum has never been located. The Hum does not appear to be a form of tinnitus and may not be an acoustic sound. More than just a noise, the Hum is also capable of manifesting as vibrations felt throughout the body and is often accompanied by a suite of physical symptoms that includes headaches, nausea, and pain in the ears. Analysis of the largely anecdotal data that are available at the present time suggests that the most probable explanation is that some people have the capability to interpret radio transmissions at certain wavelengths as sound. It is well established in the scientific literature that people can hear electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies and peak power levels. Previous studies have found that a subset of the population has an electromagnetic sensitivity that is significantly greater than the mean. Several hypotheses are considered and discussed as possible sources of the Hum. These include cellular telephone transmissions, LORAN, HAARP, and the TACAMO aircraft operated by the US Navy for the purpose of submarine communications. “


Here is a BBC radio program on this topic…


Glenn Marden “Anyone wishing to create the exact tone/frequency as to what they hear, can create and download an MP3 file here: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/

Maybe show to others. Have one headphone in, and use slider on tone generator to align sound until you then hear the hum equal in both ears. For me it was 36Mz.

Hope this maybe useful to others. 

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  1. Laila says:

    It was mainly at night and morning i remember for a few hours during the day it would often stop mid morning then start again in the late afternoon. just ready for bedtime! lol

  2. VIVIEN says:

    Hi ,I am going to try and print this Page for My Sister because Her Family and Friends and Herself think She is going mad,She has had the Gas Board out,a Plumber,an Electrician ,the Water Board and no one else can hear this rumbling sound in Her House,it happens during the Day and Night,She has asked Her Neighbours if they could move Their Sky Dish and She offered to pay for it because She thought it might be that,She has had Neighbours and Family and Friends in but they cannot hear it it is driving Her mad and She is on Tranquilisors ,it is not Tinnitus anyone with Tinnitus will know the variety of sounds We are plagued with We neever get any peace,My Sister lives in Whitefield near Manchester UK I am going to visit Her and find out if I can hear it,this Page will assure Her that She is not mad!!!!!!

  3. L Edwards says:

    I have same problem

  4. Lynda Mountfort says:

    Good luck; and reassure her that she is NOT MAD, even if you can’t hear it. Thousands of us can’t possibly be wrong. I have posted a few times before, but unless you go through the old comments you won’t have seen my comments. The one thing that has helped me cope is “Tart Cherry Juice”. I’ll leave it to you to google it. Even though I can still hear The Hum, I don’t get as strung out as I used to and it doesn’t wake me off and on all night anymore. I can still hear it (and quite loudly sometimes) if I do wake in the night, but I can always get back to sleep with the aid of some relaxing music close to my head. Good luck.


    Hi Sorry to hear of your plight- but like many others such as myself we hear this noise. Humming/ pump/ engine noise some days and some nights. Where I live no one else can hear it. I have had the council out, he could not hear it now can my husband. I fins my MP 4 player is best to distract from the noise. Plus a natural sleeping tablet if needed some nights. There doesn’t seem to be an answer as to why some hear others do not, nor where it comes from. The only thing most of us think it to do with electric waves– Best of luck, you are not on your own I live in NZ

  6. I am in Tampa florida and for the last few weeks this sound has started driving me nuts. I am starting to question my sanity. It is getting louder and louder. Is this something we can control? Is there any way to find and eliminate it?

  7. Natalia says:

    Hi! I hear the same about 2-3 years. Corona,Ca.And my guess: there is mining behind the mountain we have ,they do lots of things like explosion and drilling through the mountains and…who knows what else ! But they are not too close to houses,I think sound going through the ground. Or maybe there is some mysterious work is going on underground…which is more to conspiracy theories. But I blame mining…Check around your place. It can be far from homes,but close enough for giving you trouble! Our mining is not on city pages or websites. But if you drive by,you see it.And I googled ” mining jobs in Corona” – they do hire a lot!!!
    Check with google in your area if any company hiring mining specialists.

  8. Thanks, no mining in this area but I did find some large scale well operations. What really caught my attention were the trailer towed diesel generators that were located outside the 2 well houses. I got excited and called the well owner only to find that the sound was active and the generators were not. The owner did say that he would ask the guys to inspect the well for any possible failure which could cause vibration but I don’t think this is the cause. The sound is mechanical for sure. I have captured it on a signal monitor and it is about 67 to 78 mhz and constant. I have spent a great deal of time on google maps satellite view looking for possible areas worth inspecting. Granted the images are a few months to years old but its better than nothing. I have a small drone I may send up here in the next few days for some areal photos. I wish I could make the drone sound responsive and have it track down the source. My gut says its going to end up being a construction site or other man made source. I love my home as it was the house I always wanted but I will put it up for sale if this can’t be controlled. Wearing earl plugs is not an option all the time so I am pretty stressed at the moment.

  9. Keith says:

    December 19 2015, Cedar Hill, Missouri.
    I have been hearing this deafening head rattling rumble again now for 2 months after not hearing it for 3 years. Before when I heard it for so long I was going to have to move. Sometimes it’s faint but sometimes it’s exceedingly loud. RRRR. I hate it.
    (Taos Hum) Project E.L.F.-U.S. Navy: http://youtu.be/O_CL24funM4
    Try this link to a YouTube channel and it has sound about identical to what I hear. My wife and dad, neither, can hear it for real but I haven’t had a good chance to play this video on good Bluetooth speakers go them to hear it, then see if now they’d hear the real thing.
    Where can I move so I don’t hear it.
    I heard the “hum” rumble 30 miles away at my dads. I heard it at church 10 miles away in the opposite direction. GOD please make it stop.

  10. Kerri says:

    I live in Morris County, New Jersey. I hear the hum each night–just like all the other commentators–in my bedroom. I first thought it might be those construction generators they use for light when working at night, but that was not it. I lived a half mile away in a cottage until just 5 months ago…I never heard it there. Now, I hear it all the time at night. I try to hear it outside sometimes, but it is not as perceptible with the wind, etc. The worst part for me is the pulsating nature of it–it is not completely steady but goes up and down–not a steady rummmmmm but more of a slow and low pitched rum–rum–rum. That is annoying. I don’t know what it could be. I am about 3/4 mile from power lines, two miles from major roads, and about 7 miles from Picatinny Arsenal, where they built a huge tower for “tests.” I have seen others post on different sites that they think it could perhaps be that http://www.pica.army.mil/PAL/ I love all the posts and will try to figure it out over here, but it is a tough thing to understand.

  11. David cohen says:

    The humdruz Fortean times covered it some years ago .i know a megalithic site which kicks this sound out really powerfully . To the point it can feel like your sat in an aircraft ready for take off the whole ground seams to shake at the same time .interesting reading others that 4am is significant .Thats what time I’ve also experienced this vibration at this particular site..think it’s the earths natural resonance some people can tune to it most can’t .shoemans resonance .ive heard 4am is the most magical time there’s some sort of crack in the universe at this time …

  12. Sue says:

    David where exactly have you heard this resonance? Time date and location would be useful to know. Have you downloaded the free app for your smartphone systems analyzer? If you could measure it I would be most interested. Please let me know. I would appreciate Hz and Db levels. Thanks, Sue

  13. Tracey says:

    Help any thoughts I’m being driven crazy, for the last two plus mths I have lived in my flat for 12 years and at the end of November my neighbours electrics went off so he called out an electrocution and he called down stairs to my flat asi have the main electric fuse for upstairs in my electric panel he. Changed the fuse and ever since I have heard this loud humming sound its really loud in my bed room kitchen basically all over my flat it sounds lovely is a car engine or plane engine sometimes what has made this hum worse was my neighbour upstairs had extractor fans on and had no carpets down so I could feel the vibrations worse he has now moved so no extraction fans on but the humming noise is still here its much worse at night I’m the only one who can hear the humming in my flat but friends and neighbours could hear the fans I was wondering if this humming is from the main fuse being replaced for the flat upstairs? As I’ve never heard this humming before the fuse got changed and I’ve lived here 12 years any help please would b gretful I feel like I’m going crazy and my life is getting depressing no sleep ect one point I s when I put my microwave on it dapens the noise or turn up TV heating on helps but the hummings still there I don’t know where to start or what to do! I can feel the vibrations in my left ear and get a lot of pain deep iny left ear, plus if I puty finger in my right hear I can hardly hear it threw my left ear, but if I do it the other way round I can hear it? Confusing I’ve also had two minor ear infections in the outter ear left one, but have pain further in, I’m going back to doctors on Friday 3rd time and want a hearing test as I’m at my last ebb, with it I dread bed time it’s a nightmare trying to sleep with this humming noise

  14. Dee says:

    HiTracey where about do you live i have had the same problem for years in my flat and i am positive it is electrical but no one seems to agree. the other night i was settling down and the noise got alot stronger my neighbour downstairs had just come in so i phoned him to ask what he had just switched on and it was his telly in his bedroom. I had to leave the house as this noise is having a huge impact on my health. I still think it has to do with faulty electric wiring and Sky dishes or boxes in lofts.I really sympathize with you. It is my left ear which is the worst too..I was sent to hospital for hearing test Dr said it was all in my head and due to stress i had been going through at the time…….That didnt help the way i was feeling.. Good luck I hope you get some answers and PEACE soon 🙂

  15. Bert says:

    I think it’s electrical too. Here in the sates we are 60hz, UK 50hz. The houses here in my development are on limestone and all mains are underground laying on the limestone. A large main runs by my bedroom and the house is on a concrete slab. All houses in this development have electric heat, and I notice it more in the winter and at night when lots of houses are using more electrical power. The power draw is so great you can even hear the power transformers on the street whining from about 100 feet away.

  16. Tracey says:

    I live in south Manchester, I went to doctors today again and was told because I’ve listened to the fans for 2.5 mths my ears have been damaged and if I can still hear this noise I’m being referred to the ENT,the noise is going lower but still here, or it could be that it might be in my head as I’ve heard it for so long, its going on even though there is nothing to hear I really hope it ends soon I feel like I’m going mad & no one really believes me xx thankyou for your comments

    Editor : Theres an easy way to test your doctors diagnosis…If you here a low humming noise in your bedroom and it does not go away when you visit a friends house then he is probably correct.

  17. Dawn Curtis says:

    Omg I have been keeping daily records for almost a year now as well as having environmental health out to record by meter this very problem I am reading above..I thought the neighbours were are growing something they shouldn’t be or playing on some heavy equipment games thing but all night every night maybe not.. This terrible humming and vibration my ears hurt, my muscles twitch and buzzing head from the felt vibration but it’s like I can’t tell what direction it’s coming from, outside the house is noticeable and their is no escape as it’s felt in every room when it starts up in the evenings right up until the following morning.so thank goodness iv found this website as it has made my life hell in my house hear in Liskeard

  18. DEE says:

    I have just down loaded analyzer. Not sure how this works .The red peak is at 613.70 Hz (-46.9db)
    The green peak reads 129.20Hz (-71.0db) The noise went away on Tuesday bliss for around 12hrs Yesterday morning a different noise started up I feltvlikecivwas on a plane and wanting to pop my ears. I left house at 12.30pm It took over 3hrs for my ears to get back to normal my hearing was over sensitive for that time. Today noise wasn’t bad but from 10 past 11pm tonight the hum is back with a vengeance. Hellish.

  19. Sue says:

    Dear Dee
    It sounds like you are in a building site…. can you describe your surroundings? Have you tried those squishy orange earplugs at all? if you can still hear the low humming noise through those, it is definitely low frequency. My particular problem is when it is 50Hz and about 30dB, much worse and makes my head ring when it is 20Hz.

  20. Michelle says:

    Yes the annoying, almost indescribable noise. Hum….of some sort. I just started hearing it in northern CA. THE almost impossible to describe “hum”. I hear it coming from the sky….somewhere over my house. Companies by the huge fan or generator noise coming from somewhere down the street….one problem….no one is running anything. I see hear it loader outside. And radiates inside the house. And yes it does seem to have a vibration to it. And now I’m dizzy. It is now 3:28 in the morning. It has been “humming” all night. Since at least 10pm last night. The weirdest part of it is here…..it seems to be messing up with the street light…I don’t know. I know I’m know I’m not crazy….at least, not yet.

  21. Jeanie Burt says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not alone in the fact that I hear this low drone like hum every night that wakes me up. I start to hear it after 11:00 PM every night. I live in upstate NY and have be experiencing this for approximately 2 years.I’m the only one that hears it! It’s been annoying me because everyone tells me I’m hearing things that aren’t there. I just wonder if anyone else in my area has experienced this as well.

  22. Kris Joseph says:

    I began noticing this hum 2 years ago when we moved to our new place in a semi-basement. No one else can pick up on it and it comes and goes, sometimes it lasts for a few nights or weeks then it is gone. I finally get rest for a few days and then it will begin again. The hum, for me, feels and sounds like waves of sound that’s going through the whole house, I am actually hearing it as I write this. At first I thought it was electrical, gas lines, engines rumbling,nothing serious just super annoying and louder at night time so it is hard to be ignored. But this summer I knew it was something else, it has woken me from deep sleep, more than once and has caused odd physical movement responses. I searched and there are no cars or engines, no noises being heard by family members, & I have heard it during blackots. The fact that strong vibrations physically moved me awake from deep sleep freaked me out. I have been experiencing serious migraines regularly(this is new), woken up with blood stained pillows, severe bouts of insomnia, and it gets worse depending where my bed is situated in my room. I thought it might be ley lines, but have no way of proving such odd notions. All I know is that now I get ringing in my ears often(new for me), my sleep is not restful, and I feel so drained after so many months/night’s of this. We can’t afford to move this year, I am hoping when we do move, it will stop but am concerned it won’t. Why are only a small segment of the population being effected by this? I am really grateful for this forum, I feel less crazy. I forgot to add that I am in Canada,

  23. Eddie says:

    With regards to Tracey’s post on the 8th January I’m interested to know that she lives in south Manchester which is where I originally lived. I became severely affected by low frequency noise coming from a large new paper mill in south Manchester and had to move out of the area because of it. It could be that Tracey is also affected by this same source.

  24. Dee says:

    Hi Sue sorry i have not been in touch since your last post. Had to go and stay at my brothers for a couple of weeks due to the noise. it is 3.03AM and the noise is the worst it has been in a while im going to go and sit in my car as my pulse is VERY strong and making me feel really unwell. I live in the Broomhouse area and there is a small sub station along the road from where i live. down form me is the sub station for the new tram lines… The noise has been bearable for just over a week now and i was able to sleep in my bedroom last night for the first time in literally years. so this noise tonight is quite a shock..I am away to down load the analyzer again to see if the noise is any different from the last time i recorded it…Yes i have tried all sorts of earplugs the ones im using at the moment are silicone they fit the best for me but the hum is still audible:(

  25. Sue says:

    Hello Dee
    I am so sorry that the noise has returned. It is a characteristic of Low Frequency Noise that earplugs do not stop it, it passes right through buildings and through your head. Substations are notorious for causing LFN. You can hear it in your car as well, when the engine is off. If not, then it is not coming from the substation. Have you had any gas pipe installations or work done in the roads round your house? If it is making you unwell, you need to have your blood pressure checked (the portable ones can be bought at the chemist, LIDL or online) it should be 120/80 which is normal. Pulse should be 80 per minute. Please do take tehj readings on the Analyzer and if you can on your Blood Pressure and Pulse. Sue

  26. low band pass filter says:

    Tracey got an “electrocution in” lol!
    Silly cows.
    A case of middle class disease.

  27. Jackie says:

    I live in Bournemouth and have heard a low hum at night for months now..even hear it change frequency at times. It almost feels (and i wouldn’t put it past them) like the ‘Establishment’ are possibly subliminally programming us while we are supposedly asleep! I am a very instinctive and intuitive person and the humming makes me feel sick and i have terrible nightmares. Most people i have spoken to living nearby do not hear it..but i know i’m not imagining it!

  28. Dee says:

    Hi Sue thanks for getting back to me. My BP has been high for over 5 yrs now since i started being affected by this noise..I used to use the portable BP machines but i think that made me feel worse when i saw the readings the last time i did check it was sitting at 172/98. Doc sent me to hospital to have a 24hr monitor fitted but i was staying at my sisters at that time so it didnt give a true reading of how i am affected by the noise in my house!! .Ive been given meds but they are not doing much good as i am still living with this god forsaken noise. My GP knows all about this too.. .AS far as i know there hasn’t been any gas work near my house. There are new builds being built on the way to the Gyle which is not too far from where i stay. I had my housing officer visit yesterday and she was shocked at how i have changed over the past 2 yrs ..So the out come is they are going to try to move me. I don’t know how long this will take. All the new flats they are building have a communal sky box in the loft area there is one in my building and my bedroom is above the electric cupboard that feeds all the flats in my building plus stair lights and the door entry system. Hopefully i will get moved to and older building and a ground floor… the last reading i took on Sunday night was …The red reading peak was at (-69.6dB) 139.97Hz. The green reading peak was -72.6dB (75.37Hz) My pulse and heart rate was very strong and fast and i had to leave my flat and sleep in my car again. It felt like i had my finger in an electrric socket with the pulse that was going through me Ive not felt well since this one.Will keep you posted ..

  29. Carol says:

    To Dee – have you had Scottish power out? Can others hear it too? Sorry if you have already explained the details of your case. Take a look at low frequency noise sufferers on Facebook. Also hum sufferers low tone, a closed group on facebook for support. It is so infuriating living with this problem!

  30. Sue says:

    Dear Dee
    I would be happy to come out and have a listen if that helps you. I am not too far from you, in Roslin.

  31. Tracey says:

    Hi Eddie, I live in brooklands near sale the humming noise is still here but at last its not as loud as it was and I’m beging to leave ve with it,I just don’t know what it is it sometimes comes the noise in waves its still in my bed room though and can get a little loud I’m taking tablet at night for sleep & that does knock me out when I wake I don’t hear it , it takes time to start up! At work (I work in northenden) I still hear a hum but it sounds like the boiler for the heating so I’m still not sure if it is my hearing or its just that I can hear very low humming noises no one else can I just hope this noise at my flat stays low and doesn’t come back loud as I feel like I’m getting my life back slowly

  32. Dee says:

    Hi Carol I haven’t got round to having Scottish power out. The environmental people could hear it but couldn’t locate where it was coming from and friends that have stayed haven’t audibly heard noise but felt a heaviness and ended up with headaches.
    Will take a look on FB thanks 🙂

  33. Dee says:

    Hi Sue thanks for your text It would be a real help for you to come and have a listen to see if it is the same sound you are experiencing.
    Look forward to making arrangements

  34. Jay says:

    Hi Kris Joseph – I live in B.C . The hum seems unusually loud this morning being 2:39 am. I too live in a semi basement suite and only started hearing it when I moved in 4 years ago. It seems to come and go but it’s been since Feb that I hear it almost every night . Driving me crazy.

  35. Graeme says:

    Message for Jackie from Bournemouth – I can hear the sound too! it is often random and intermittent too.. worse at night but can hear it right now as it is quiet at home. I live in Winton..

  36. Eddie says:

    Hi Tracey, Brooklands is about 5 miles from the new paper mill on the outskirts of Partington, and paper mills are known to produce large amounts of low frequency noise. It could be that you’re also affected by this as I am. I initially moved a few miles away but was still badly affected so have had to move 12 miles away, although the noise still bothers me where I live now. The reason why I know the source of the LFN which is affecting me is that I lived in Partington for over thirty years and it was only when this mill started up that I became badly affected. Previous to this it was only occasional LFN that affected me whereas now it’s continual all the time. I’ve also found that I’m affected by wind turbines which also produce LFN.

    Can I suggest in order to test whether you’re being affected by LFN from this paper mill that you go somewhere in one of the national parks (except the Peak District) which is away from any industry and wind farms and see if your symptoms improve. I stayed at a B&B in Borrowdale in the Lake District one weekend and was much less affected by LFN.

  37. Sue says:

    Its been really bad today in Midlothian. Unbearable really. Headache, thick feeling in the head and I had to go out to escape.

  38. Dee says:

    Hi Sue There has been a change this past week noise is stronger for first time I’m experiencing headaches and pulse is much stronger back on meds to help me cope. I just wish it would stop or at least be at a level where we can still function with no side effects.

  39. Sue says:

    Hello Dee. I went to Portobello beach on Saturday to escape and it was marvellous. However when I dropped my friend off atStockbridge in Edinburgh, the noise was there, quite loud and strong. I just wish we could find out exactly what was causing it. The common denominator seems to be electricity and possibly gas. Industrial fans seem to be too small to make that amount of deep penetrating noise.

  40. Dee says:

    All day yesterday was bliss up until 5.45 pm then up it came with a vengence. I still feel it is electricity and the sky box up in my loft as when my neighbour downstairs puts his telly on the noise gets stronger…and it resonates all around the flat. 🙁

  41. Sue says:

    Dear Dee
    I’d be happy to meet up at the Gyle in the Food Court at a time and date to suit you. I heard the noise at Stockbridge again. My friend can hear it but it does not affect him. Today (05/06/2016) is very quiet at 20:13. No noise whatsoever. Very best Sue

  42. Chris says:

    I have posted on this before a few times over the last 4 years or so, just wanted to say it has been exceptionally loud here in west Yorkshire the past couple of days, even noticeably audible / feel-able in the day time.

    Thanks, Chris.
    P.S am still no closer to knowing what on earth it is . :-s

  43. carol says:

    I can hear it now, very loud and deep vibration. I am in Holt Park area of Leeds. I had a migraine most of the weekend. I didn’t seem to hear the noise at weekend, but maybe it didn’t help. Two possible explanations here, there is radio mast/tower at top of hill where I live. The noise seems to emanate on that side, in terms of the physical feel of the vibration. Also have Leeds Bradford airport nearby, no night flights but are they doing something up there? Struggled to get to sleep for it tonight, and then it was quieter, woken in last hour by its heavy drone. Drives me crazy! I have lived at a few other addresses in recent years, heard a similar noise there, in different parts of Leeds, including Rothwell, and Morley. I am glad to have found this page, not just me enduring this.

  44. Dee says:

    Hi Sue i only got your message today 14/6/16 am going away for a few days respite (HOPEFULLY) will email when i get back and get something organised. It would be great to meet up 🙂

  45. Hi Here with me in Nz it hasn’t been to bad once a week for the day. today though back loud and sounds close!! I do not know where it is coming from but so loud today. I’II be going out later for a break from it!!! Crazy world!!!

  46. Sue says:

    OK dee, looking forward to hearing from you Sue

  47. Michael says:

    I live in the US in Upper Michigan, the hum/drone is bad. But I seem to notice it as being louder after a good rain. Does anyone else keep records that can say if they report it more or louder when the ground is saturated? I hear it all day long but worse in the dark hours.

  48. Lynda Mountfort says:

    Hi Michael,
    I am in the Wellington area of NZ. I started hearing the Hum in March 2013 and have posted a few times, mostly within the first year or two. I kept records “religiously” during the early days, but no longer, having given up on every knowing what causes it. I can hear it day and night and, like everyone else, it’s worse at night. Can’t say I’ve noticed whether or not it’s worse after rain, but will “tune in” and see if it is worse then. We’re moving into Spring here and it’s been positively quiet(ish)for the past few days. Had a couple of really noisy nights a couple of weeks ago (it “may” have been after the rain we had)? Will keep you posted. All the best.

  49. Hi Michael and Lynda, I am still getting the humming etc here in Papamoa,Tauranga Nz It was bad in the eveing last night and into the night . We had not had rain but grey clouds. I have heard that sound can bounce of cloud instead of travelling away!! This Has been annoying fact of my life ,not my husbands, for 2 yrs now. Best Wishes. Pat

  50. Michael says:

    Thank you for the replies. We’re experiencing a slight drizzle today, and the hum is quite loud at the moment. I am making an EMF blocking tent to sleep in to see if it blocks the hum/drone. I’m hoping that if it does work I’ll be able to identify what type of effect it is. Does anyone know if ELF/ULF/VLF waves can be prevented in this manner? I know it works for radio and cell but I’ve never seen it tested on the low stuff.

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