Where is that strange humming noise coming from…

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People all across the planet have reported hearing a strange humming/droning noise at the dead of night usually in their bedrooms like my wife and myself heard last evening.

This is a bit off topic but as I am in an industry that makes a living out of recording sound and vision I feel obliged to report this weird phenomena that has occurred a second time over the last two years.

I was in the edit suite which is right next door to our bed room when my wife came in and asked me what the humming noise was, it was about 1.30am. I switched off all the equipment and could still faintly hear a low, almost mains hum in our bedroom, it is officially reported to be between 40-80 Hz.

I decided to see if the noise was only in the house or outside so we drove round the local area in Burnside, Rutherglen stopping and listening, strangely the noise could also be heard a quarter of a mile up the hill from my house facing south but going the same distance north, nothing.

I looked for the obvious train line maintenance or any kind of construction but once again nothing, the same happened about a year and a half ago and we went through the same exercise.

This strange low frequency hum has also been reported from Canada and England all with the same story only noticeable at night, we don’t have any overhead pylons anywhere near us so it remains a mystery.

Is mother earth being mined under our very feet ?

A recent question… “Anyone have any ideas why it’s mostly heard at night and in the bedroom?”

Editor : Night time is simple…a lot less noise from cars, birds etc its probably in every room but you are more in tune with your bedroom as you spend a third of your life in it and more importantly in the same place i.e.. your position in your bed remains a constant so your ears are highly tuned to that particular space.

“The Hum is a mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten percent of the population. Historically, the area that has been most affected by the Hum is the United Kingdom, where reports have been frequent since the early 1970s. In the United States, Hum reports date from the early 1990s, with the two most publicized locations being Taos, New Mexico, and Kokomo, Indiana. The source of the Hum has never been located. The Hum does not appear to be a form of tinnitus and may not be an acoustic sound. More than just a noise, the Hum is also capable of manifesting as vibrations felt throughout the body and is often accompanied by a suite of physical symptoms that includes headaches, nausea, and pain in the ears. Analysis of the largely anecdotal data that are available at the present time suggests that the most probable explanation is that some people have the capability to interpret radio transmissions at certain wavelengths as sound. It is well established in the scientific literature that people can hear electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies and peak power levels. Previous studies have found that a subset of the population has an electromagnetic sensitivity that is significantly greater than the mean. Several hypotheses are considered and discussed as possible sources of the Hum. These include cellular telephone transmissions, LORAN, HAARP, and the TACAMO aircraft operated by the US Navy for the purpose of submarine communications. “


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  1. Imelda Brady says:

    I’m from Ireland and I first noticed the hum/vibration in 2011 and since then I have heard it in multiple places around the country day and night, I almost listen out for it when I go some place new…I hear it now as I type this! And also when I or someone else makes a movement it subsides for a moment before resuming, does anyone else notice this? Anyway I’ve made peace with it so it doesn’t bother me, it makes me feel closer to the earth :) but if only we knew what exactly it is!

  2. winnipegger says:

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have been feeling a vibration and hearing a faint(like a train coming from a distance) for almost a year now. But I the past 3 months I am hearing a faint humming noise in addition to the vibrations. This noise has been getting louder and is more frequent in the past three weeks. I have talked with many other people that live in various parts of the city and they have been hearing this noise as well for the past month. It seems to be more consistent on the weekend-mostly Friday and Saturday nights. It starts in the evening around 8/9p and goes until 1:30a/2a and then it just stops- silent no vibration, no humming nothing, just all of a sudden.

    This noise and vibration is really loud and annoying and it just won’t stop. Your ears are waiting for the noise to go away – like a car with a loud muffler idling outside of your house, that will eventually go or be turned off.

    I have gone into each room in my house and outside trying to determine where it is coming from. It is loud and only heard in the bedroom or really faint in all other rooms.

  3. Carla says:

    Winnipegger, if what you are hearing stops abruptly about the same time every night and is also heard by many other people in your area, then it is likely a nearby factory or pumping station or something like that. It is very common for people to get humming noises in their house if they live near a source that causes a lot of vibration and low frequency noise. We were almost certain that the Mill near us was the source of ours, that was until the power went out and the Mill was completely shut down. The humming was louder than ever that night! Also, when I heard it again (exact same sound) at my relatives at such a long distance away, then I knew for sure this was something much more widespread. One thing that was odd though, was at my cousin’s house I could only really hear it mainly in her upstairs bedroom. It was hardly noticeable at all on the lower floor (she has a two story house and I have a one story).

    Btw, what is it with the bedrooms?? It’s not just because this is where we sleep and lay down a lot, I can hear the difference the instant I walk through the doorway of the room! Same in my bathroom (which is adjacent to my BR). I do hear it in other rooms, but never seems as loud or noticeable. This must be at least some clue as to the nature of the Hum, as it seems to be where everyone hears it the strongest. Also, most people with two story houses usually say the second floor is the loudest. Very weird..

  4. Carla says:

    I’m just curious if most everyone on this board only hears the Hum when they are inside their house? Has anyone ever noticed it outside, even on a very quiet night?

    I know I never have..

  5. Lynda Mountfort says:

    In response to query above. Yes, I have noticed it outside, but much quieter. When I first started noticing it, I went up and down my street on several late nights trying to locate it (as you do). I could hear it faintly for about 1/2 a block in a westerly direction from my residence. As has been mentioned in various comments, it’s the walls of the building that act as an amplifier, therefore much louder indoors.

  6. chris says:

    i live in derbyshire for last few nites i been hearing hum noise it seems to start at nite around same time it woken me up,with very sore ear…i will try record it at some point

  7. Sue says:

    Yes I can hear it outside. If I go looking for the source of the noise, once you are in the car and all the higher frequency sounds are blocked out like wind, rain, birdsong etc you can hear it quite clearly. The maddening thing is that it seems to be all around with no clear direction.

  8. Sue says:

    9.45pm UK time. I am in France near Blere amboise. The noise had just started. I don’t think it is local now, seems to be Europe wide. Deep humming noise which is disturbing my sleep. I am in the country away from the towns so no noise immediately around. Very puzzling.

  9. Rich says:

    In south florida started past month almost nightly best I can tell right around 1:30 am two sets of 4 vibrating sounds in bedroom so far zero reason….. not near any plants buildings etc…….

  10. sophia says:

    Im hearing the hum now for the last 30 minutes in London, hence why I found your post as Ive been trying to work it out! Hard to explain the sound, but its like a swirling humming, buzz and at one point I could hear muffled word like noises inbetween the humming. Its just stopped now, perhaps a slight faint noise as if it has moved further away. I wonder if anyone else will report similar???

  11. Kaiya says:

    I recently moved from Bradford to Scunthorpe. Whilst I did notice it in Bradford,albeit only very faintly, it’s more noticeable here, it’s driving me nuts to say the least, I can’t settle well at nights,my balance is becoming ‘out of sorts’. At this rate I may just change my sleep pattern to the day time :)

  12. Aaron says:

    Started noticing it a few months ago when I put earplugs in to sleep. I have been in the neighbor’s house and hear it very clearly there, too. My friends can hear it also. It isn’t an inner ear problem or my imagination. This is high tech. I hear it rev up and down. I cannot sleep and it’s affecting my health.

    South Florida

  13. Judy says:

    I am in Texas, Just outside of Fort Worth ( I.e. Dallas)
    The loud buzz is bad, especially when the weather is being manipulated. Last night it got loud enough to cause the vibration of the bed.
    It does not seem to happen when the skies are clear.
    Only when clouds and storms are moving in…harrp, scalar???it sucks.

  14. Carol says:

    I am in Shawlands, Glasgow and have been hearing,this noise for past 3 years. Exactly the same as described, a low frequency rumbling that you just want to shut off. I only used to hear it at night and thought it was my neighbor doing late night washing in flat below but it would be every night and he lived alone. I then thought it could be a water pump at the cricket ground and this seemed to give my brain a reason for it. We moved house last year (Nov 2013 and I was so looking forward to the peace at night. All was great until the end of Feb 2014 when I became aware of the drone again but this time it is constant! I have been in years because of,this. It’s so frustrating. No,one else in family can hear it. I have been for hearing test and have,better hearing in left than right ear. I put an ear plug in my left ear to help block it out but my right ear is slowly getting tuned in to it too. I am going to tinnitus therapy to see if helps but I do not think it is me, I am convinced it is an,outside noise, or a neighbors fridge,or,something. What ports of call do I make next – call the power, gas, water people, environmental health dept? I feel crazy but I need to do something. Anyone else in Glasgow want to come take a listen? (apologies for bad typing on a mobile and it’s,not displaying as I tyjpe!) Good luck to all, stay strong
    And I should,mention we only moved 1 mile away so still in same vicinity. I do not hear it outside or at,work or any place else. Had a recent holiday abroad and thought I could hear it there but nowhere as loud or annoying. Also had,previous time away from house and had,perfect peace in Rothesay!
    It did stop for 2 days on Friday/Saturday there and I thought, yes,it’s gone but it returned on Sunday…..

  15. Paul says:

    I feel for you, tinnitus is something that is internal ,you cant block it out with earplugs ,but you can suppress the hum with earplugs ,I doubt tinnitus therapy will help ,but right now im open to anything-if it works let us know.

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