A Tribute to Sean Fallon 1922-2013

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We went to Sean Fallon’s home during 2011 to do an interview with him for my son’s blog The Footy Blog.net and today I discovered he had passed away this morning.

Sean was a good friend of my fathers which gave us access to a Celtic legend that would have been impossible otherwise. Sean was a very kind man, when I was a wee boy my father was best friends with both Sean Fallon and Jock Stein, we used to visit their houses at least once a week and thought nothing of it.

My love and best wishes to Myra and all her children in these hours of sadness.

Today I would like to share this 20 minute tribute to Sean Fallon as he was one of Scottish Football’s true legends. It was filmed with a Sony NX70 and a Sony FS100.

For a different account of this interview why not go over to Scotts blog… http://www.thefootyblog.net

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  1. les wilson says:

    Great example of the benefits of a straight backed chair for interviews. Can’t say I like the yellow gel for background at all.

  2. JR Dziengel says:

    Sorry for the loss of a Celtic legend. Beautiful tribute.

  3. Tim Hunter says:

    Wonderful genuine man who stayed with my grandmother Waters when he arrived to play for Celtic.
    I met Sean many times over the years and he always asked with affection about my mother and father and other family members.
    A life lived beautifully.

  4. Ticsu Porter says:

    Well done. wonderful to have these recorded memories. Sean so valued the Celtic fans and lets hope the club and players can follow his principles.
    What a lovely tribute to a lovely fellow sligoman.
    Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís

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