Sony PMW-F55 Caption Competition

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We have a new Lens Mug on offer to the person with the best caption that best portrays the picture above, I have started the ball rolling with my caption. Closes on Tuesday 14th January 2013.

Sony just sent me a press release for BVE 2013 and I think this is a perfect caption thanks to Sony “4K penetration into production”

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  1. ArranEye says:

    “For any camera operator who prefers to be on top.”

  2. George says:

    My owner was a bit confused last night… he took me to his bedroom, paid me £4K and kept calling me Iris!

  3. Alexander Korobko says:

    While “F” stays in bed,
    He’s out with “Red”.
    C-300 gave him 4:2:2,
    but he left her too…

  4. Vince Mc Donald says:

    Honestly darling, are you sure this thing will run on a set of AA Duracels.

  5. Graeme says:

    Italy’s paparazzi were sending out a clear message…

  6. Henry Gray says:

    Not tonight dear, I’am saving myself for FCP-XXX.

  7. It’s all very well you looking pleased with yourself now, but we both know you’ll go back to that cheap DSLR slut soon as the rental house pick me up. You just can’t afford me…

  8. Kelly says:

    “I hear you like it RAW?”

    “That’s right baby, but don’t worry, I’m wearing a protection filter….”

  9. Not tonight love,i`m having erection problems with my tripod.

  10. Matt Davis says:

    “I’m charging, so use surge protection”.


    “pass me my nun’s knickers, pet”

  11. Rick Idak says:

    You large sensors are all the same your depth is very shallow. Yes size matters but if I want better penetration I just screw a longer lens.

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