The Queen’s Speech in 3D ? “BBC HD NOT IN 3D”

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Only Sky with a heavy investment in 3D HD would even consider filming the Queens speech in 3D. With less than 2% of the UK population having invested in 3D capable television it beggars belief that Sky decide to film the Queen in 3D.

As we all know, certainly within the video industry that 3D once again has been a passing phase. Mr Cameron and Mr Jackson are a handful of directors who keep the 3D flame burning along with the Hobbit being the most recent major title to be filmed in 3D.

3D at this years production trade shows like IBC and BVE North was almost non existent with no camera manufacturer showing off any 3D capable camcorder.

I don’t understand why anyone would entertain 3D till we get true 3D with no glasses, I have a Panasonic 3D TV and I have watched less that 1 hour in total of 3D TV. 3D was a phase once again and the next time it will raise it’s head will be true 3D TV with no need for flickering, light reducing glasses.

UPDATE : OK so 3pm arrives and hey presto BBC HD decide not to give us a signal in 3D so I had to find a Sky channel showing it in side by side mode…joke !

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