Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Fader 77mm (8 stops)

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Arriving at the beginning of November the new 8 stop variable ND filter from Genustech. I was embargoed till the 29th of November but decided to wait till the new look blog was in place.

The filter cuts the light down from 2-8 stops which can be very useful in both photography and video. The Sony FS100 would be a prime candidate using this filter.

As you can see from my test bench the dolly’s face does not change colour from 2 to 8 stops, nor any of the colours on the rendition chart. The only thing that does change is the polarisation as you would expect, this is clearly seen on the reflection on +2 stops and little to no reflection at +8 stops.

It’s clear than Genustech have been working hard to achieve such a high quality no colour change ND fader, price and availability to follow.

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