Here is a good example of “Lets knock out a video” from Sony


You spend millions of Yen to produce the best cinematic camera to date and one of the first introductions to this fantastic Sony F5/55 camera is a half-baked video produced either before the presentation in London or after.

That’s what studios are for, even a white backdrop to take away the clash of jumper versus seats in the background…not to mention the clinking and creaking sound.

It’s known as “Heath Robinson” in the trade, if Sony think this school master sitting at a bench is the right image for the new F5/55 so be it but personally I would have presented this new camera in a studio setting with better lighting, nicer shots of the camera, the fish eye shot is a disaster… give the camera the “look” it deserves.

Manufacturers seem to forget their customers are creative producers themselves and are harsh customers when it comes to video production.

Production standards are dropping everywhere you look, it’s a sign of the times, this Sony video was one of those last-minute decisions “we’ve got the gear lets show how to assemble the parts and talk about them…good idea” sadly it looks like a half-baked idea that grew arms and legs.

Here is the link to this video

And here is a good example of a company who knows how to make a well produced teaching video…Sony…look and observe !

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