Sony’s Digital Archive guaranteed for 50 years €5,000

I first saw this mentioned on the Look round IBC with Phil Myres, this is a far more comprehensive look thanks to Rick Young of Movie Machine. A good idea but priced at €5,000 will not be an all time best seller for Sony.

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      I really don’t see the benefits of this system at the prices quoted. It is significantly cheaper to back up to two hard discs – and surely safer than relying on a single optical cartridge, which could be lost or damaged?

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      I was waiting for the price info before making a decision about which way to go for my archives. Now I’m sure that I’m going with LTO-5 until there is a more affordable optical solution.

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      On the other hand, Sony has priced this to be competitive with LTO. Tape based archive is supposedly Enterprise strength, but I have clients with LTO who find it has problems of its own when restoring complex projects such as edits. Whilst the hard drive solution was to be temporary until something better than LTO came along, we have got awfully comfortable with it. However, backup and archive are like sprint and marathon – different disciplines. Will a ten year old hard disk work? Anyone with data on Zip disks or Syquests? Floppies?!

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      My strategy will be to transfer data to new hard drives the moment there is any sign of failure in my current hard disks. This is still the lowest cost route – and the safest, providing you keep two copies of everything.

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