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Kine Lenses specialises in refurbishing classic lenses for the use of cinematography in film and television. With super 35mm sensors booming at Kine Lenses we deliver affordable sets of lenses that will keep you shooting for decades.

With camera technology firmly stuck in sprint do the sensible thing and invest in glass. At Kine Lenses we only deal in the best optical design, Zeiss.

These sets of lenses are perfect for the Canon C300, Sony F3, Black magic Camera and a whole range of DSLRs.

All the sets are Zeiss glass of Distagon, Planar or Sonnar. The same optical design as CP.2, MKII, ZF, ZE Lenses at a fraction of the cost.

-Remounted to Canon EF. (Remounting to Nikon is avalible, pleases contact me for more information)
-De-clicked and dampened for a super silky smooth apature operation.
-Geared 360 degrees to allow a follow focus unit at any point on the lens, even dumb side!
-Standardised front of all the lenses to 77mm.
-Pelicase included that has been professionally customised to fit the lenses.
-Optech rubber o-ring back cap that never fall off or let dust in
-Metal screw on lens cap.

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