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Rick Young is back bigger and better with his new web site

Rick a cameraman who loves everything Sony uses an F3, EX3 and two EX1r’s in his exploits around the world, hosts UKFCUG (UK Final Cut Users Group) is just finishing off a book all about editing with FCPX, he will be sending me a copy to review.

Take a look at his new web site just launched this week (see link above).


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  1. Is the link working? Doesn’t work for me here.

  2. rick is a video info god. I have learned more from his interviews, info, friends, blogs, endless work and smart thinking with science and experience than any where else in the universe. I thank him for his tireless work to help democratize the world with the true cave drawing art of movie making, he is a real machine that never lets up and is an insider to all the world of video. He is the best investment for time and this person showing him here on this site must be smart for he knows who rick is. So i back him now as well. mickey 714 642 5399 usa L.A. FCPUG. member.

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