Exposure Room “No More”

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With Vimeo and You Tube gaining popularity it was inevitable there would be casualties and Exposure Room was one of them. I tried to be loyal to XR and it did have features that Vimeo did not have but it soon became apparent that without funding via the users it was heading downhill.

From all accounts XR has been down for a while and is a lesson to me to check all my video material regularly as I soon discovered that over half my reviews were not playing.

The thing that annoys me is the lack of contact from XR…a simple email to tell the membership that they were pulling the plug would have been nice if not professional but looking back it was doomed to failure with severe lack of funding.

Vimeo had the right idea making you pay for more professional features and thank God I had most of my reviews on Vimeo so it was easy to re-embed them this afternoon.

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  1. Tim Bradley says:

    XR was a great resource. Its a shame its gone. Thank you for the update.

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