One 18MP digital camera kit…yours for only $50,000

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How much are you willing to pay for a limited edition digital camera, Leica has combined with luxury fashion house Hermès to create the M9-P Edition Hermès. The camera is coated in ocre-colored calfskin leather and features a matching shoulder strap. The camera also features a redesigned, smoother top-plate and control points, designed by the automotive designer, Walter de’Silva, previously responsible for the M9 Titanium. Only 300 of the cameras will be made. A yet more exclusive series of 100 ‘Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas’ kits will also be sold, in honor of the former president of Hermès. These kits will include a 28mm f/2, 50mm f/0.95 and 90mm f/2 lens, and a exclusive Hermès camera bag. The limited editions will cost $25,000 and $50,000 respectively.

I personally think with a global recession it’s maybe not the right time for Leica to introduce such an exclusive, expensive product and lets be honest are you even at £25,000 for the camera willing to hang such an obvious limited edition expensive camera round your neck !

You can save a few bob by buying the Leica M9-P (body only) which is the same camera for a mere $6,720


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  1. John H says:

    One for the wags, to go along with their ‘Hermes Birkin’ Bags (Victoria Beckham, Coleen Rooney, Jane Given and Alex Gerrard all have a Birkin .. a Birkin can range in price from £6,000 to £100,000)

  2. Tim says:

    People who buy niche items like these don’t need to save a bob or two. They haven’t been affected by the any recession.

  3. HD Warrior says:

    That comment was not directed at those people !

  4. I agree with Tim – people who are buying this camera are more concerned with perceived ego and what they look like than image quality. If you make 10+ Million bucks a year, IF you are going to bring a camera (that’s a big IF) then why wouldn’t you want the best? Arguably Leica lenses and this fashionable/small/high quality camera can bring it.

    I’m more impressed that Leica keeps rolling out these status symbol cameras. And SERIOUSLY? a F0.95 lens? that’s pretty bomb diggity. (slang here in the US for cool)

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