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I can’t stress enough about hype and teasing, two ingredients that make people want your product. This week we were treated to a Sony announcement about a 4K upgradable camcorder..,.the NEX-FS700.

Not only did Sony provide pictures but Den Lennie was sent out to make a film with a prototype FS700…everything so far is pointing to Sony and a new camera, a camera that everyone who attends NAB will want to see !

Panasonic on the other hand have given us…ZERO…NOTHING…why ?

Panasonic think its good to keep us all in the dark till Sunday but I totally disagree…whatever they announce albeit a P2 10bit AF202 its to late to capture the imagination of potential customers, once again Sony, Canon and JVC are two laps ahead of Panasonic in the “get to the stand and see…

Sony : NEX-FS700

Canon : EOS-C500

JVC : New ENG camcorder

Panasonic : ZERO

News just in ..

JVC will usher in a new era of newsgathering with new cameras at the 2012 NAB show that are smaller and lighter than current models, delivering better sensitivity in low-light shooting environments. Key is the ability to instantly transfer files back to a television station without a microwave link.

According to Gustav Emrich, JVC European product manager, the new technology should be particularly appealing for one-person ENG operations that need to get footage on the air immediately. “The technology to instantly move files to the newsroom directly from the camera will fundamentally transform the way news is gathered,” he predicted.

Thats my point all three major video manufacturers have now issued a press release and not a dicky bird from Panasonic, it’s old fashioned 1980’s thinking…shame.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thats a bit harsh. Nab hasn’t even started yet, Panasonic has plenty of time to announce and I am sure they will.

  2. HD Warrior says:

    Not at all its a dinosaur way of treating the press, get the info on the net and start the hype, discussions etc.

  3. spiliph says:

    Apple docet…

  4. J.Vrozina says:

    Perhaps they have nothing much to show.

  5. Matt says:

    I think most people looking for new gear don’t really care when or how an announcement is made. The savvy buyer will simply wait until the dust settles (after NAB, not before) compare specs and pricing and then make a decision. I for one am looking forward to any Panasonic announcements…

  6. Iain says:

    Well now that Panasonic have made their announcement it’s no surprise that they waited for NAB to start instead of trying build hype beforehand… There isn’t much to hype!

    Very disappointing considering what the competition are offering.

  7. Steve Crye says:

    I’m disappointed with everyone!

    Although the Panny AC160A hardware upgrade might be great, it won’t be here until late May, too late for me, and the AC160 has other annoyances that will probably bug me enough to send back the one I ordered that will be here on 4/23/12.

    The JVC GY-HM600 does not have 1080 50/60p! Inexcusable! Why would they cripple what seems to be an otherwise excellent design?!?

    No new 3-chippers from Sony.

    I’m so disgusted I’m about ready to give up my quest for a “pro” ENG cam and take up another hobby …


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