Price Hike Warning from Japan (Updated)

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A warning from Japan that after March 2012 there will be an overall price hike of between 16-18% due the the Yen versus the Pound. Once again we find ourselves paying the price for global trading of currencies and hey-presto the UK comes off worst again !

That’s a whopping £1,920 extra to pay on a £12,000 Canon C300 !!! or £480 extra on a Canon 5D Mk111 !!!

I have spoken to John Preston and he tells me that outstanding orders of the Canon C300 will be honoured by Canon at the present price. Everything from DSLRs to F65s will be affected so my advice is get your order in before April or you will pay through the nose.

This does not bode well for NAB 2012 with Canon and Panasonic showing off new camcorders, by then the 16-18% increase will be built in and can I just add how come we never get a price drop whenever Japan fights against a stronger pound !

Sony and JVC has not announced any price increase so we can take it that some manufacturers are taking it on the chin.

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  1. Phillip Rhodes says:

    Potential customer:

    “I think I will buy last year’s model NOW, because it will be cheaper than any equivalent new product. They might even discount the camera I want – to rid themselves of old stock!!!”

    Collective Electronics Industry:

    “If we push the price up of last year’s models, any potential customer might consider our new, 2012 products instead…”

    I was thinking (funds permit) of buying the Sony MC50, which I was hoping might be discounted. But now…

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