Filming for “You and your Canon C300” DVD

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I am filming the inserts for you and your C300 DVD this week so apologies for not keeping the blog as fresh as usual. Firstly I am producing a corporate video for the Crolla Ice Cream company in Glasgow, I have had some interesting times filming with the C300 none more so than a milk lorry arriving and me loosing the plot altogether. Lack of overall use of the C300 does not help when you are in a run and gun situation.

The picture above is a perfect example, look at the mic attached to the camera, that soon crippled me forgetting that my son was filming me and not available to pick up the mic, I had to swap it for a camera mic eventually loosing valuable filming time.

Fortunately this was a dry run and I had already set up a second time to get the milk arriving, at least I now know my key shots. I have already gone through the factory process which is very repetitive so Monday should not bring me any surprises…I hope.

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  1. ArranEye says:

    That lens hood appears to be inadequate with a low sun!

  2. Do you not find that without a set of Nun’s Knickers on that matte box, you get a nasty reflection on the back of your filters?

  3. HD Warrior says:

    I don’t use the 4×4.5 filters but you are correct I should have the NK on the Matte box.

  4. HD Warrior says:

    My son is about 5′ 9″ so he is not that low.

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