Portable Voice Over Booth from Editors Keys £204

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I saw this cool voice over booth on my latest edition of my IOV magazine digital edition and was reviewed by Kevin Cook in fact hears what Kevin had to say about it…


There’s not a lot to dislike about the Vocal Booth Pro actually.
The only thing I can really suggest as an improvement are slightly thicker foam feet on the desktop legs. This would help with isolation – especially with people like me who tend to inadvertently tap on the desk as they speak. Another tiny criticism is that when in desktop configuration the whole thing is a little front heavy and can topple forward – especially if the booth flaps are out fully and the mic is sitting forward on its mounting arm. Two more feet or simply moving the current feet fixing points to the outer edge of the flaps would solve this.


The plus points are plentiful and have already been covered I think – but just to stress the things that impressed me the most are its simplicity, portability, build quality, ease of use and the quality of the final recordings it creates. You can’t really want for any more than that can you? 

Kevin Cook F.Inst.V. www.video-artisan.com 

I have been looking for an affordable VO booth for years and after reading Kevin’s article of the Editors Keys version I had to buy one. There is no doubt it gives a richness to your voice overs as it helps deadin the acoustic reflections I was getting in my edit suite.


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