Panasonic preview f2.8 mFT “X” lenses

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CES 2012: Panasonic is showing mockups of two large-aperture zoom lenses for Micro Four Thirds. The Panasonic stand plays host to mockups of a 12-35mm F2.8 and a 35-100mm F2.8 lens, prominently badged ‘Concept’ lenses. Next to the models is a lens roadmap confirming the company’s intentions to build a 12-35mm (24-70mm equiv) and 35-100 (70-200mm equiv) ‘X’ grade zooms, but with a note that the maximum apertures are ‘to be determined.’ The diagram appears to suggest both lenses will arrive later in 2012.

Strange but interesting “the maximum apertures are ‘to be determined” and heres me thinking its f2.8. Now take it from me Mr Panasonic lens designer you will win a watch if you can make these lenses f1.8 or better still f1.4 maximum aperture, that would allow a fantastic shallow depth of field for AF101 users, the 12-35mm being a cracking standard zoom for the AF101.

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  1. J.Vrozina says:

    It is most likely cheap copy of Olympus Zooms.
    Anyway 4/3 micro is dead! S35 is Industry Standard.

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