Merry Christmas from HD Warrior

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What a year for new cameras…fourteen to be precise and what about large sensor cameras, the Panasonic AF101, Sony FS100, F3, REDs Scarlet and the Canon C300.

I think like the majority of us Canon was going to bring out a £10K and a £6K Super 35mm camera but alas it was not to be though many of us are hoping santa will drop a C300 into our wish list of presents.

News is getting slacker this time of year and with just 2 sleeps till Christmas it only remains for me to thank you all for reading my blog over the last exiting year and lets hope Japan are going to give us a further dose of goodies during 2012.

Just a note for any stray Japanese camera designer…

1. Make sure your Super 35mm camcorder has 50MB/s or better !

2. 4:2:2 or 4:4:4

3. 10 bit minimum

4. HD SDI output as well as HDMI

5. Hi resolution viewfinder


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  1. Blayne Gorum says:

    Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all the work you have put into this blog.

  2. AndyB says:

    Thanks for all your work on the blog over the year Phil – always an informative read. Have a great Christmas!

  3. Jim McNair says:

    Many thanks indeed for all the great work you have put into this great blog.
    Enjoy Christmas and the New Year.

  4. Nick Williams says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  5. ArranEye says:

    I echo the sentiments above. Have a great Christmas and we look forward to what you have to say next year.

  6. Tom Lenham says:

    And thanks to you, Philp!

  7. Jiri Vrozina says:

    Merry Christmas Philip!
    Thank you for fantastic info last 12 months.


  8. moebius22 says:

    I wish I was getting that camera for Christmas. Happy holidays.

  9. Alex says:

    Merry Christmas Philip!

  10. PF Bentley says:

    Mele Kalikimaka from Molokai, Hawaii and mahalo (thank you) for all your valuable information this past year.

  11. Paul says:

    Feliz Navidad from Spain, Philip,

    Thanks for your excellent advice during the year – looking forward to your comments in 2012!

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