My Ex-boss reaches 60

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Last weekend I was privileged to be at my ex-boss Chris Attkins 60th birthday party over on the isle of Arran. The picture above spans 30 years, we have all changed mainly in the hair department.

This is me at the side of the Ross road doing a piece to camera that Mr Attkins has not yet seen. As usual I volunteered to produce a birthday DVD for Chris and was aided by another ex employee Frank.

Frank no longer films but has taken up photography, he noted the size of the Sony NX70 saying that it was a far cry from the shoulder mounted Betacam days.

In this photograph all three men are still filming professionally while Alison is now a freelance television presenter…not bad for thirty years and a testimony to Chris (far right) who gave us all a chance and a start on the video production ladder.

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  1. ArranEye says:

    The change in hair coverage is nothing compared with the change in technology! We started with Sony Trinicon tube cameras (and my own career began at the BBC in monochrome). And it would seem the bulk of equipment shrinks in opposite proportion to my middle!

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