10 Days and counting…3rd November 2011 “Canon at Hollywood”

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Canon have it in their power in 10 days time to change the game forever…if they have been as savvy with a large sensor camcorder as they have been with the XF range of cameras they will wipe the board if they bring out a camcorder with the above specs.

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  1. tjbates05 says:

    Totally agree – well put.

  2. Les says:

    I think manufacturer will not give you the “perfect” product, otherwise where will be the future profit? but its good to dream 🙂

  3. HD Warrior says:

    You can always improve on “perfection” if Canon bring this camcorder out you can bet V2 would have extra bells and whistles that V1 did not have. The iPhone proves that point.

  4. Jens says:

    Even though I personally love the iPhone, and have since iPhone 3G. The iPhone was never perfect, and in the beginning it was far from perfect. As far as I know, humans are incapable of creating perfection, even though we can come close to achieve it 🙂

    I think this would be awesome!

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