GenusTech Rig with WA Matte Box

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  1. Paul Wood says:

    Thanks Philip,
    I ordered mine for my FS100 – I see you did not add a follow focus – what are your thoughts on adding one?

  2. Oliver Hall says:

    Check out the Shoot35 system. We have one and I massively prefer it to the Genus Matte Box

  3. Ivan Cigic says:

    Thanks Philip
    Is it possible to use this matte box with sony pmw f3 lens kit?

  4. HD Warrior says:

    Hi Ivan, Just contacted Genus they told me that the Genus Elite Matte Box (Part no GE-M) is the preferred Matte Box for the F3 with prime lenses.

  5. Ray Ballinger says:

    Thank you for your complete break down on this subject. I just took the big leap and purchased the rig, matte box and filters. It would have been a much more pleasant journey if I would have viewed your very generous presentation before hand. I’ll be back.

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