FCPUG Glasgow meeting in Glasgow this Thursday

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Venue : Thistle Glasgow, Cambridge Street, G2 3HN


6.30pm – Doors open, network & enjoy a drink

7 – 8pm Editing with Final Cut Pro X – the truth, what it is good for, how it works, how to integrate FCPX into your current workflow. Don’t miss the one hour presentation: How To Edit with FCPX by Rick Young.

8 – 8.30pm Break

8.30 – 8.55pm Sponsor – AJA
Andy Bellamy from AJA will be introducing the exciting new product announcements from this year’s IBC in Amsterdam and will be giving MacVideo attendees an exclusive look at the new IoXT – the world’s first dual Thunderbolt port IO device.

8.55 – 9.15pm Guest speaker Alastair Brown – the man who made the Glidetrack
Glidetrack offer several different tripod mounted dollies for DSLR and video cameras. These are small and portable and produce smooth motion on location, without needing a huge amount of gear. The guy who came up with this concept, Alistair Brown, will talk about the evolution of the product-line and how this has changed the industry.

9.20 – 9.45pm Sponsor – Adobe
After editing for a decade in FCP, what’s it like to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro? Matt’s making the transition from FCP7 to PPro 5.5. What were the advantages? What were the pitfalls? What were the surprises?

9.45 – 10.30pm – IBC overview – the HD Warrior himself, Philip Johnston, and MacVideoTV’s Rick Young, will give their impressions of IBC 2011. To be discussed: the announcement of the JVC GY-HM150; AJA to now offer DNxHD in the Ki Pro Mini; latest Thunderbolt news; the availability of SR memory from Sony and 100GB optical discs; Mike Tapas adapter for manual control of EOS lenses on large sensor DSLRs and more..

10.30pm Finish

Don’t miss the first UKFCUG meeting in Glasgow ever. Seating is limited. Register now!


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Does the 3rd of November have anything to do with this event ?

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It would seem logical given that Canon who are supplying the 8 winners with Canon products might just be referring to this contest rather than an expected large sensor camera.

Further info on Ron Howard’s competition : http://canon.thismoment.com/

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Canon go to Hollywood on the 3rd of November 2011

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Here we are again…are Canon going to finally announce its long overdue large sensor camcorder, who knows but one things for sure, going by Canon’s recent record if they do enter this marketplace it’s not going to pussy foot about like Sony and Panasonic, you will see a camcorder with…
1. 4:2:2   10 bit processing.
2. 50MBs
3. EOS lens mount
4. Super 35mm sensor or larger.
5. Possibly a 4K sensor
Canon have been very savvy recently and have won the hearts of many broadcasters who need 50MBs out of the box and the only company to recognise this till now has been Canon.
Sony have waisted a lot of time tinkering with 35MBs and the F3 would have been a sure fire winner if they had only chosen 50MBs over 35MBs, I think Sony will live to regret that decision.
I hope Canon recognise the time and effort I have put into designing their new camcorder and maybe give me a free camcorder for my efforts.
If Canon bring out the camcorder that everyone has been praying for…4:2:2, 50MBs, 10bit it will sweep the marketplace in one fell swoop and you will see a glut of F3s, FS100 and AF101 lying in the wake of such a camcorder but all will be revealed on November 3rd 2011 in Hollywood.

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Last day at IBC and general round-up

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Today was my last day at IBC, this is catch-up day, the day when I make sure I have visited all the stands or get extra cutaways I feel I did not get during my two day marathon.

On my way to Genustech I bumped into Philip Bloom who told me about the JVC 4K mini camcorder, I told Phil I was heading over to JVC to interview Semir Nouri from JVC.

The camcorder is a GY-HM150 with a 4K badge stuck on the side, the LSI chip enables processing, encoding and recording of 4K2K images, which have four times the resolution of full HD. The final version will record onto 4 SDHC cards and talking to Phil it will be a workflow nightmare, but JVC are talking to various NLE developers before we see the final version sometime next year.

Genustech is the new name for Genus and they were displaying a great range of matte boxes and a very new and innovative GMB-HP Hotplate.

This is a cracking baseplate for camcorders like the Sony FS100 and the innovative part is it’s tool-less in other words no allan keys or screwdrivers needed to attach your camera to this baseplate.

On my way back to Sony to find out more info on the NX70 rocker switch I had a look at Sony’s new innovative 3D HD recordable binoculars, I have to say I was very impressed and if any twitchers are reading this it’s the most impressive tool you could wish to have on your bird hunting frolics.

Sony are looking into the rocker switch problem in fact I learned only today the problem lies with a resistor that had to be replaced due to the waterproofing which takes away the normal variability of the switch. I told them if there is little they can do to give us variability then slow down the speed as it is useless as it stands.

This little device was for me the star of the show at £219 it’s going to be a clear winner with Sony FS100 owners who missed out not having HD-SDI out of our cameras. Connect from Atomos will allow HD-SDI to HDMI or HDMI to HD-SDI video conversion and using a Sony L-ion battery will last up to 12 hours in the field…so simple yet so needed !

Lastly I noticed an increase in Chinese stands this year showing off everything from DSLR rigs to LED lighting and the quality of workmanship is very good indeed.

The main gripe with UK suppliers is the cost of manufacture, no one can compete with the Chinese on price so maybe we need to be one or two steps ahead. The Chinese are certainly welcome by the end users who are now affording good quality LED lighting at a fraction of the cost of some of the more well known LED lighting companies.

So there you have it, I have had a great time over here in Amsterdam at IBC 2011, once again well attended but my main gripe with the organisers is the floor plan they hand out, there is no indication which hall is which, I kid you not.

I look forward to editing my video report which will be slotted in next week as I have a pressing corporate edit to produce when I get back on Thursday and remember if you stay in Glasgow there is a UK Final Cut Users group meeting on Thursday the 22nd of September which I will be speaking at with Rick Young.

Details here : http://www.macvideo.tv/ukfcug/Glasgow

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The 3D Dilema and TV production squeeze !

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Is it such a surprise to anyone that broadcasters like ESPN are reviewing the cost of producing 3D HD sports over 2D HD.

To get the quality needed for 3D HD in a broadcast environment you need two cameras, two lenses an expensive rig, all cameras have to be converged…it’s a technical expensive nightmare and all for what…a few hundred people watching 10-30 minutes of 3D coverage, it’s a joke.

3D is an expensive gimmick and the truth was exposed earlier on this year when Nintendo brought out their 3DS a hand held 3D games machine that did not need glasses to watch 3D and what did all the kids do…switch off the 3D because it was too hard to concentrate on the game with 3D activated.

That spoke volumes and as much as I am a 3D fan it’s not yet come of age and why broadcasters like ESPN are now questioning the extra cost to produce 3D HD sports programmes is like questioning the surgeons need for his anaesthetist during an operation.

Is’s not just the pictures that double…the cost must double as least or even triple due to it’s cutting edge production workflow, but we all know who is really behind this dilemma, the bean counters…who are the sole owners of the broadcasting implosion in the UK and beyond.

We are now dictated by saving money at all costs and sadly this is at the cost of many productions across the UK alone like Scottish Televisions Taggart, one of the most successful Scottish dramas to be axed due to “falling numbers”.

Bean counters don’t like the words “falling” and “numbers” it equates to less pennies…the BBC alone have lost BBC Broadcasting House in London thanks to “cuts”, that decision will come back to haunt them in my opinion.

I was just reading the NHK annual 2011 report last night in bed to discover NHK in Japan have FOURTEEN helicopters stationed across Japan on 24 hour standby with pilot and camera person.

I can’t think of any UK broadcaster who owns any helicopters let alone 14 of them, Japan puts all of us to shame and its obvious their so called bean counters are not given the same priorities as we do in this country.

In the UK it’s all down to cutting costs which means cutting corners in productions or worse axing programmes completely  all in the name of what…so the share holders are happy at the top of the tree but once you fillet out the flesh of good television you are left with the bones are you surprised people are turning away from watching television.

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Panasonics AVC Ultra

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AVC Ultra, the collective name given to Panasonic’s group of professional AVC based codecs, represents a single workflow destination for professional users working at many levels in the production cycle. As a unified, seamless group of codecs based on the H.264 standard, AVC Ultra offers enhanced flexibility for both high-end and mainstream production through its support for a wide range of data-rates from low to high quality.
The AVC Intra 100 and 50 is enhancing  up to 1080p by maintaining  existing workflows and infrastructure. Ideal for where quality consciousness sits alongside the need for a flexible, cost-efficient house format.
Intra capability is expanding up to 4:4:4, 12 bit, Master quality with a range of up to 4K resolution. The advantage is  visually lossless, file based mastering means flexibility and sustainability, and far smaller file size than with currently available technologies.
In this IBC, we announce extending  to the cost conscious segment where  speed and flexibility are required  with AVC Long Gop which is twice efficiency of current MPEG2-GOP.
AVCUltra  is covering a full range of industry applications while also delivering an improved workflow experience  ranging from 400M at one end to 800K at the other. This makes AVC Ultra a good choice for professional applications including filming in 3D.  AVC Ultra  is an entirely unified codec family  based on H.264. The AVC Ultra family also includes an AVCProxy codec designed specifically for quick breaking news applications and fast off-line editing.

The latest enhancements to the codec line-up mean that the AVC Ultra family can ensure consistent results for a full range of industry applications while also delivering an improved workflow experience. The AVC Ultra family also includes an AVC Proxy codec designed specifically for quick breaking news applications and fast off-line editing.

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Day TWO IBC 2011

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Day two was more hectic than day one, first stop was to ATOMOS…

I was shown a fantastic HD converter which converts HDMI to HD SDI and fits in your top pocket, runs off a Sony 7.4V battery which is why you now have two choices when it comes to the HDMI Ninja or the HDSDI Samuri.

This is a reader from Israel, Nissan Lahat Kunz who tells his cameramen to look at my tutorials if they need a refresher in using his Sony PMW-350 camcorder.

This was a great bit of marketing a German web streaming company showing off the new very portable mini CASTER a live streaming encoder that connects to the internet via LAN, cellular or WiFi and converts video signals from prosumer camcorders to live HD web streaming.

My old friend Ron Tarrent from Panasonic was on hand to explain the new codecs from Panasonic that will rock the video industry to its core and also informed me that the new 22x lenses on the 250 and 160 were 28mm on the wide end.

We have taken a lot of footage over the last 2 days at IBC so look out for my reports coming soon.

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Sony show 2 new lenses for the F3 camcorder

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Today Sony introduced 2 new heavy weights in the form of zoom lenses. The 11-16mm wide zoom lens with a list cost of 6,000 Euros and a 14x zoom lens for the F3.


The 14x zoom lens works off the rocker control on the F3 and has a range from 18mm to 252mm with an image stabiliser built in for good measure. The lens in a f3.8 but as Alister Chapman pointed out this is a lens for ENG work so shallow depth of field would be less important in this field.

The 18-252mm f3.8 zoom lens is dedicated to the Sony F3 camcorder and will retail for about 9000 Euros.

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IBC Day ONE NEWS (Exclusive)

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Today was day one of IBC 2011 and it was only at 4.30 pm we got an exclusive from Mike Tapa of MTF Services.

Today we got to see the first electronic Canon EF adapter for the Sony F3, Sony FS100 and Panasonic AF101…yes you heard correctly an electronic iris adapter for the three major large sensor camcorders.

Here is the man himself Mike Tapa showing us his exclusive Canon EF iris control plus adapter, this I may add is a working prototype, working on all three large sensor camcorders from Sony (2) and Panasonic (1).

Here is the control box of the MTF electronic adapter which controls the iris in 1/8th of a stop increments seen here with a Sony F3 in the background.

Mike has indeed brought a cat out of the bag with this product as Birger Engineering don’t seem the be at the show nor are their Canon EF adapters to be seen, promised as far back as June 2011.

If you have Canon EF glass and own any of the three large sensor camcorders then this combination from MTF Services is a number one Christmas list product as MTF hope to be into full production by November 2011, price to be announced.

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Arriving in Amsterdam 9.15am

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This is me arriving at Amsterdam this morning, I have had a text from my friend from FCP.CO telling me that he is waiting to go into a Sony conference so I will let you know later on today if we have any new camcorders etc.

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