Sony show 2 new lenses for the F3 camcorder

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Today Sony introduced 2 new heavy weights in the form of zoom lenses. The 11-16mm wide zoom lens with a list cost of 6,000 Euros and a 14x zoom lens for the F3.


The 14x zoom lens works off the rocker control on the F3 and has a range from 18mm to 252mm with an image stabiliser built in for good measure. The lens in a f3.8 but as Alister Chapman pointed out this is a lens for ENG work so shallow depth of field would be less important in this field.

The 18-252mm f3.8 zoom lens is dedicated to the Sony F3 camcorder and will retail for about 9000 Euros.

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  1. Amnon says:

    If they’re zoom lenses, they can’t be primes!

  2. HD Warrior says:

    Well spotted.

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