IBC Day ONE NEWS (Exclusive)

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Today was day one of IBC 2011 and it was only at 4.30 pm we got an exclusive from Mike Tapa of MTF Services.

Today we got to see the first electronic Canon EF adapter for the Sony F3, Sony FS100 and Panasonic AF101…yes you heard correctly an electronic iris adapter for the three major large sensor camcorders.

Here is the man himself Mike Tapa showing us his exclusive Canon EF iris control plus adapter, this I may add is a working prototype, working on all three large sensor camcorders from Sony (2) and Panasonic (1).

Here is the control box of the MTF electronic adapter which controls the iris in 1/8th of a stop increments seen here with a Sony F3 in the background.

Mike has indeed brought a cat out of the bag with this product as Birger Engineering don’t seem the be at the show nor are their Canon EF adapters to be seen, promised as far back as June 2011.

If you have Canon EF glass and own any of the three large sensor camcorders then this combination from MTF Services is a number one Christmas list product as MTF hope to be into full production by November 2011, price to be announced.

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