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Today in Glasgow my nephew became big news because of one person…Taylor Swift. During a You Tube interview Taylor happened to mention Douglas’s You Tube video (4m 30s in) and how it was cute watching him being licked by baby lion cubs. The roof lifted off Dougies life and everyone wanted to know the “Scottish lion man”.

As you can see Taylor Swift is mega and has an enormous following especially in the USA, today our local independant TV station interviewed Dougie.

Our camera crew from Scottish Television, Fraser Clelland and Karen Greenshields (Reporter) who are old friends of mine as I used to freelance for STV many moons ago.

So here is that very internet sensation followed by Dougies own music video filmed by myself on the new Sony FS100.

[xr_video id=”1728c884c58643878a46fa9f50b80fdb” size=”md”]

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